How to easily speed up and improve video streaming on slow PC

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It is quite common nowadays to watch videos online or for streaming on Twitch for example. Something that started to become very popular with YouTube and then Netflix. Nowadays it is more common to watch movies or series online than to acquire them by other physical means.

The problem is that for this you need to have a suitable computer and the most important thing is to have a stable connection, as it will depend entirely on it. We will see a little below how to speed up and improve video streaming on any type of computer that is having a little problem, you will see that it is quite easy to get it.

How to speed up video streaming on a slow PC

There is no single method to improve and speed up video streaming on our PC. We have to make a number of changes to get good results. We will see step by step all the changes we need to make to achieve this goal.

Disconnect all devices from your connection

Before streaming it is essential to verify all devices connected to the network. This is very important, as some applications can consume a lot of bandwidth. The more devices connected, the less connection we will have to stream in conditions.

The problem comes when we have different devices and many people in the house use them. From watching videos on YouTube, to enjoying the best Netflix series or listening to music on Spotify. Everything consumes the internet and when it comes to streaming, ideally no one else uses the connection.

Delete temporary internet files

It is also a good idea delete all temporary internet files and clear the cache. It accumulates as we browse the net in our browser. This is generally a good thing, as the loading times of the various websites we visit regularly are optimized.

The problem is that when it builds up, when we don't clean the temporary internet files occasionally. If not, you may have problems with your browser, computer performance, etc. In this case, it is advisable to use some kind of CCleaner program to thoroughly clean all these files.

How to optimize video streaming on my PC

Ethernet whenever you can

Il Internet or Ethernet cable it will always be better than Wi-Fi. It is much more stable and above all faster. Therefore, if you want to enjoy video streaming on your PC, the ideal is that it is connected to the Internet via cable.

If this is not possible, you should have your computer as close to the modem as possible so that the signal is as good as possible. This is important, since the further we are from it and above all, the more objects or walls there are in between, the lower the connection speed we will have.

Beware of hardware acceleration

THE hardware acceleration in the browser causes it to use a universal configuration suitable for any type of computer. The problem is that in many cases that doesn't mean it's the ideal configuration.

When we disable this option, the streaming in question could be significantly improved. Depending on of the operating system in use, the method for changing this option varies, but is relatively easy to find.

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