How to easily remove or remove your Facebook likes and interests

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The first thing you should know is that we eliminate Facebook interests it's a really simple action, as Facebook provides a simple and practical interface. This needs to be kept up to date.

Therefore, below we will explain the procedure to get this step by step.

Learn how to easily remove Facebook likes and interests

Remove likes on Facebook if possible and it is a good alternative for many users, because in many cases the news section is full of advertisements associated with interests.

The correct steps will be explained below so that you can remove them easily, so the first thing you should do is locate yourself on your Facebook profile, i.e. your personal profile. Once you are there you have to select the news section from menu on the left.

Together you must look for a publication that matches the advertisement, when you locate the publication you must click on the three points which can be found in the upper right part of the advertisement.

Then in the menu that appears you have to click on why am i seeing this ad? which will open a new window. Then you have to look in the window for the section "Change your ad preferences".

Later, when you click, you see that a new panel opens automatically where the likes and interests are located. In the top menu you can find the different sections such as: sport, technology, lifestyle and culture among others.

You just have to select the section you want, once done you have to click on the option "other" which is at the bottom of the interests. It is important to understand that all likes and interests found in that section should be displayed.

Then you just need to locate the interest you want to delete and click on "X" which is located in the upper right part of each interest. This way you will eliminate the interest you want, it is important to note that to delete all of them you can click delete one by one.

Steps to automatically delete all interests

It should also be said that there is an additional method in case you want to delete all tastes and interests that are in the section you have selected, such as the sports section, then you just need to follow the same steps mentioned above.

After finding all visible interests, click an empty space in the menu. It should be considered that there is no need to click on any interest, as the desired process will not work.

Once I know how to click, you need to look for the option "Inspects", you will automatically see a new window open on the right side of the screen with different options, but you have to choose the one it says "console".

At the same time you can see that at the bottom there is an empty space where you have to enter the following Code:
(var INTERESESYGUSTOS = document.getElementsByClassName ('_ 2b2o'); for (var i = 0; i

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