How to easily merge correspondence in a Word document

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You will only need to have an Excel document at hand, which will have in one of its columns all the personal data necessary for the creation of said correspondence, which must include the e - email.

What does this process consist of?

When we talk about mail merge we refer to a process in which all the data found in an external list is used to be inserted into a email previously selected and modified in order to facilitate the data entry process.

This would create a personalized letter or card, similar in structure, but different in content. All this will depend on the taste and needs of each one at the time of sending said correspondence.

This element is particularly useful when a person needs to send a large amount of emails and they in turn need to be sent with various different specifications. It is widely used by executives as well assistants, to facilitate their work within the office. It is practically a link that exists between Word and Excel.

How to easily merge correspondence in a Word document

  • Start by accessing the wizard. We will do it by accessing Word and in the tab called " Correspondence ", We can find a button called" Beginning Matching Combinations «.
  • In this option, if we want to do it right, you have to go to the option " Step by step… ". And with that, you will see that the wizard will begin.
  • From now on, we will see a column on the right side. When logging in, we need to start by specifying what the type of document, for this we will select the email messages.
  • Once this is ready, we will move on to the next step. Here we will be asked to specify whether we will use this document in its existing format or in a totally new one.
  • This is where we will specify who the email is addressed to. As you can see above, they will give you the option to use a list, which is already saved in Word.
  • What we are looking for here is to use these emails in such a way that we can find them within a document Excel that we will look for inside our computer.

  • Once opened, we can see an Excel document that will present the sheets of the book, and in this case we have to select the list found on Sheet1. Here we can see that the wizard will indicate various options including some other origin for all directions.
  • The Excel workbook will already provide us with all the necessary data, but we can directly combine all this data together with the document we will send. For this we just have to place the cursor in the section where we want to add the field and select it.
  • You can see that as a next step, this wizard will allow us to review the result of our mail, based on this we will see each of its elements and then we can make sure that we are correct with all the give and steps.

To finish, just press " accepts »And the e-mail will be sent successfully to all recipients.

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