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You must Download the latest version of Telegram for free? If you don't know how to do it, we will show you the steps to follow to be able to get the application on the corresponding device because Telegram is not only available for iOS and Android.

Currently there are versions of Telegram for iOS, for Android and also for Mac and Windows computers if you want to chat with your contacts from the comfort of your computer, in these last two ways there will be no need to use your mobile phone.

In addition, you also have available Telegram Web, which, unlike mobile and PC applications, you don't have to download anything and is constantly updated since it is accessed through a browser via a web address and is also an interesting option.

Download Telegram for Android

download the latest version of Telegram for an Android device you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Open the Google Play Store and enter Telegram in the search engine, you will have to download and install the application, although if you already have it installed, it is likely that you will have the option to update Telegram to get the latest version possible.

Download Telegram on iOS

If you own a iPhone or iPad, the procedure is the same to download Telegram, do the following:

  1. Open the App Store and search for Telegram in the search engine, when it appears download and install it, even if you already had it from other times, in case there is an update available you will have the option to click on the "update" option to have the latest version.

Download Telegram on Windows, Mac and Linux

If you want download Telegram for Windows, Mac or Linux in its latest version, you have several ways, either by downloading the file directly through the official links that we provide you and which correspond to the latest version of the app or in some stores.

If you opt for the first option, that of downloading the file directly, all you have to do is open the file that we leave you immediately below and install the application on your computer according to the operating system you have:

  1. Download Telegram for Windows
  1. Scarica Portable Telegram per Windows
  1. Download Telegram for macOS
  1. Download Telegram for Linux

Another option is download Telegram from the official app stores, in this case it would be from the Microsoft Store in the case of Windows, or from the Mac App Store if you have a Mac, you would only have to access these stores and search for Telegram to download it to your PC.

If you don't want to download Telegram, this is not an impediment to chatting with your contacts because you can use the web version of Telegram which can be accessed via a browser via the link that we leave you below:

Web: Telegram Web

If you want to go a little further, you have other versions of Telegram available such as Telegram WebZ or Telegram WebK, which are like web applications that can only be accessed with a web browser come Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, ecc.

You have at your disposal a multitude of free versions of Telegram that you can download, whether you have a mobile phone, tablet or computer running Linux, Windows or macOS, although you can always use any of the web versions if you don't want to download anything.

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