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If you are looking for how to download photos from instagram posts, you are in the right place; And we have a list of the best sites and applications that will be very useful for you to make all the content of this social network, both from your profile and from other accounts; as long as they are in public condition and anyone can see them so that search engines can access the content.

Many times we have photos and content in general in our Instagram profile that we have not backed up locally and in no other storage medium, so we may need one of these tools to recover that photo and be able to publish it, for example, in another profile or on another platform.

It also happens that we find some public posts that can be very useful for you to publish, or it is an image of your favorite artist and you want to keep it; then you can go to any of these tools that we have researched for you. At the end of this post, we'll also show you how to download Reels so you can take them to other platforms, like TikTok.

Insta offline

Let's start with our count of apps to download photos from Instagram posts with Insta Offline site. It is a very simple utility, all you have to do is enter its address and you will see a small box on the main page and following the steps that we explain below you will be able to have what you want downloaded in seconds:

  1. Open the Instagram photo you want to download.
  2. Copy the photo link and save it to your clipboard. To do this it is necessary press the three-dot menu located at the top right, above the post and from there copy the link.
  3. Paste the link into the text field at the top of the site, which you will see with the description «Paste link from Instagram…».
  4. Click on the «Download» button to generate a download link for the image.
  5. Click on the download button, in green, to save the Instagram photo to your mobile or computer.

As you will see, it is a fairly simple procedure that it will allow you to save photos, but you can also try downloading short videos that have not been uploaded to IGTV, but are directly in the feed.

Website: Insta Offline

big bangram

Now it's time for another very complete and robust web page, offers many tools to get the most out of your Instagram account, in fact, we have previously included it in our list of hashtag generator apps.

This platform has a number of mini tools on its site, one of them is an engine to download photos from Instagram, it also has an option to download videos that works independently and even a tool to download the complete profile.

  1. Copy the post link and save it to your clipboard. To do this you must press the three-dot menu located at the top right, above the image and from there copy the link.
  2. Enter the Bigbangram website, we will leave it below for you to enter directly.
  3. Find the dialogue box under the heading "Instagram Photo Downloader" and paste the post link you copied earlier.
  4. Click on the «Download» button and the image will be automatically downloaded locally.

You will also see that there is a button next to it with the text «All profile content» by clicking on it you will be able to download all the public content that is in the profile associated with that publication.

Website: Bigbangram

Comment picker

Now let's move on to another web page that fulfills the task: allows you to easily and quickly download any public photo from Instagram. You won't see great website design, nor will you find very sophisticated tools, but if what you're looking for is to simply download an image, then this is the ideal site for you.

Enter their website, then you will see a menu at the top, the second button is for Instagram and when you open it you will find the option «Download Instagram Photos» which is just what you are looking for.

Then a you will see in the center of the page, on the right side, a text box where you have to paste the link of the publication you want to download, for this you must follow the step of copying the address from the Instagram app, as explained in the previous two options.

Once this step is completed, all that remains is to press the Get Instragram photo button e it will start downloading locally on the device you are using in that moment.

Web: Comment Picker


Now let's move on to the next option to download photos from Instagram and that is Gramvio. This website has an Instagram post downloader which will allow you to save any photo on any device you have.

using Gramvio Photo Downloader for Instagram, you can also access the videos to store them on your PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android. One of the main aspects that the Gramvio platform takes care of is the quality of the content, which is why it saves the original size of the photo so that it does not lose resolution during download.

This process saves you a lot of time, you it also allows for slightly more professional results, since you won't have to resort to the screenshot that you will have to fix later and that can also have unattractive effects, such as faded and some distortions.

Another advantage of using Gramvio is that in addition to allowing you to download images and videos, it also has a tool to view stories anonymously and you can also download them to view and use them locally.

The procedure for using the image download tool is the same as used on the rest of the pages we reviewed in this survey: you have to copy a link, then paste it into the site to download it and you'll have the content in seconds.

Website: Gramvio


Now it's the turn of another simple page that you can use to download photos and videos from Instagram, as long as they're in the profile feed and haven't been submitted to IGTV and aren't downloading Reels either, but don't worry, because we'll tell you how to do it on iPhone and Android at the end, so read on.

By entering this site you will notice that its interface is quite simple, the operation is basic and goes directly to the task that has been entrusted to it: download images and videos.

Also in this case, you need to copy the link of the photo you want to download and keep it available in your clipboard. The procedure to achieve this is simple, click on the three-dot menu located at the top right, above the photo and there you can then copy the link.

So, you just need to paste that link on Instadownloader webpage and you will get that content in seconds so that you can save it locally, on your computer or on the mobile phone you are currently using.

Website: Instadownloader

Install uncle

Now it's the turn of “Uncle Insta” and this is the meaning of the name of this simple and interesting site. It is a very practical platform with a service to download images from Instagram and another engine for videosIndeed, it also has its own section for downloading IGTV content and this is what differentiates it from the rest of the alternatives that we have presented so far.

The first thing you need to do to use it is to go to the Instagram photo you want to download, then copy the URL of the image, to do this, press the three-point menu located at the top right, above the photo and there you can copy the link.

Then, you will paste that link into the textbox located in InstaUncle and you must click on the «Download photo» button, with this you will only need to store the image locally, on a mobile or on your computer.

Something cool that this tool does is that when you request a download, you will see that it also brings you some photos as suggestions in so you can directly download other pictures from the same profile.

Web: InstaZio


We now include an alternative for those who want to download images from their Instagram Stories or from the Stories of others without being seen and it is StoriesIG, a very intuitive web page with a simple operation that will allow you to get what you want in seconds.

This page works a little differently, but it's also much more enjoyable if you do it from your computer. Instead of having to navigate to the profile you want to take a picture of (remember it must always be a public account) you just need to copy the user directly into the tool's search engine.

Once the user is found, shows you feed, IGTV and Stories publications in a separate box so that you can download it directly, as you can see in the image we placed before.

Each of the publications has a button with the word «Download» just below it and will allow you to have that content on your computer in seconds. This platform is of Spanish origin and is therefore available in our language.

The main advantage of this platform is privacy, everything you do to view or download content with this page is done anonymously, i.e. you don't have to provide any information or credentials from your Instagram account to use it.

Website: StorieIG

Insta Pick

Let's move on to another page to download photos on Instagram, simple, without frills and without many functions… but with the ability to do their job. In InstaPick you can download images and videos that are available in the feed of a public profile and save them locally on any device: computer, tablet or Android or iPhone mobile phone.

The procedure for obtaining it is always the same:

  1. Copy the post link you want to download and keep it in your clipboard. You will get it by pressing the three-dot menu located at the top right of the image and from there you can directly copy the link.
  2. You have to paste that link into the text box which is on the InstaPick site, then you have to click on the «Download» button which is just on the right side.
  3. In this way you will already have the content you want to download and you can use it locally, or you can decide to use it to publish it on another social network; but first you need to be sure you can use it without breaking any laws or permits.

Website: Insta Pick


We have come to a perfect alternative to create all the content you want from Instagram, it is Downloadgram. This page allows you to download anything you want except Stories, but you can get photos, videos, IGTV and you can also download Reels, although below we will offer you an alternative so that you can exclusively download Reels.

The interface on this page is so obvious and so simple that there isn't much to explain when you use it. You have to copy the link of the publication you want with the procedure that we have explained to you several times above, then you have to paste that URL address into the text box located on the Downloadgram website and then you have to press the "Download" button.

This content will be downloaded once the site identifies the image, the video, the IGTV or the Reels, so all you have to do is press the download button and you will have it locally in seconds.

Website: Downloadgram

Download Reels to use on TikTok

This is a simple online tool that will allow you to download Reels to your iPhone or Android phone, which you can then use to post to your TikTok profile. You will see that its interface is basic and you just have to locate the text box which is located in the center of the site.

There you have to paste the link of the Reels you want to download, which you must have previously copied as we explained before, then you must press the «Download» button.

It's a simple procedure and within seconds you will have that content stored locally on your phone, you can also do it from your computer and it will work the same way.

The advantage of using this site to download Reels is that video quality will not be lost and that means you'll be able to get more out of it if you want to use it to post it again on another platform, like TikTok or even Kwai.

Website: Instavideosave

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