How to download my WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter history?

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Today we will see how to download my WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter history in a very simple and effective way for each of them.

All social networks and messaging applications keep a history of conversations. Do you want to learn how to download them? Keep reading.

How to download Twitter history

  • The first thing we will do is click on the gear icon to access " Settings and privacy «.
  • So we will have to go to the option " Account »And go down until you find the section" Content «.
  • Here we will have to search " Your Twitter file ". By clicking on it you can download your history.
  • What does it include? Virtually everything you've done on the social network since creating your account. From tweet, link, foto, video, etc.
  • What you should keep in mind is that the download is not available immediately because the social network has to collect all the information. Once completed, you will receive an email with a link to download everything.

Don't worry it doesn't take too long, it will all depend on the amount of information that needs to be collected. In any case, we recommend that you be patient.

How to download Facebook history

  • First you need to enter the social network and log in with your data.
  • Then you need to go to the top right of the screen and click on the down arrow icon.
  • A menu appears and you will have to search » Settings «.
  • In this new screen you will have to go to «Le your Facebook information «.
  • Click now on » Access your information «.
  • You will then be able to see all the information in your profile in detail. At the beginning you have a link that says " Download your information »Click on it.
  • In this new page we will be able to select all the information we want to download. By default, all information is marked on the right side. In case you don't want to download, for example, the comments. Just remove the check mark on the right side of that option.

Once everything is selected, simply click the Create a File button. No instant downloads available. If not, you will have to wait a while until Facebook collects the information and it will be emailed to you.

How to download WhatsApp history

  • In case we want to download the history, please note that you will have to do it on a conversation-by-conversation basis.
  • To do this, open the conversation whose history you want to download. Click on the three points at the top right and then on " Other «.
  • In this new menu you will have to choose " Export chats »And you can select if you want to do it without files (images, videos, audio, etc.) or if you want these files to be included.
  • Once selected, you can choose where to send it for download. The ideal is send it to you by e-mail e then download it from it. WhatsApp chats are saved in text format, without any kind of format. Then you can open it with a notepad or Word.

WhatsApp backup

We feel it is worth mentioning since many people they believe that with backups it is possible to download chats and history. Something that is not possible. We also teach you how to make one just in case.

  • In the case of WhatsApp you will have to open the app from your mobile.
  • Then click on the dots located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • In this new menu we have to enter " Settings «.
  • Now let's go up " Chat «.
  • After that we will go to the bottom and click on »Backup«.
  • Here we can generate a backup in case we don't have it available. We can also set up a Google account so that the backup is saved in Google Drive.
  • In turn, you can configure to add videos to said copy and that is only generated when you have Wi-Fi. Which is recommended for saving mobile data.

The problem is that this backup is used just to reinstall the application.

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