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Sometimes we will Download directly from Instagram (also called Instagram Live) to review them in the future, since by default they are ephemeral, and at the most they continue to appear to contacts for 24 hours together with the Stories.

In some cases it will not be possible to recover a previous direct, but in many others it will be easy. For now, Instagram trash only allows you to recover deleted photos and videos, not including the direct ones.

In any case, depending on the circumstances, we will be able to download Instagram Live clips, so now we will see the three possible cases that may occur, together with related tutorials:

Download your live stream

The simplest case is when we want to download the direct ones that we have created from our profile. We've already covered how to watch Instagram directly on a computer, but these steps are best followed on mobile:

This is what needs to be done:

  1. The easiest option is to click «Download video» at the end of the live broadcast, because as soon as it ends, a menu offers us that option, as well as uploading it to IGTV.

  1. It is also possible to download the Instagram Live later, as long as we have not finally chosen «Delete multimedia content». It is not in the archive to see the old Instagram Stories, which would be logical, but you have to go to the IGTV section of our profile (television icon):

  1. Among the live streams available, we enter the one we want to download, and click the three dots icon to open the menu:

  1. A number of options open up, we have to choose "Copy link" to store the direct address in the clipboard:

  1. Now we will go to the service, also free, and paste the link obtained for download, then click on the right arrow:

Web: Download Instagram Videos (

  1. Below the live thumbnail, click «Scarica MP4» to open the video in another tab:

  1. We continue to press on the image and in the pop-up window we choose «Download video» to save the clip in the phone memory:

Normally when we download live from Instagram they will appear in the mobile gallery, but if they don't come out we can always download a file manager like Google Files to help us locate it.

Direct download of other profiles

It's also easy to download other users' streams as long as they keep them available in their IGTV tab so their followers can watch them again. Otherwise you should opt for the third system (the most complex), but many accounts do not delete them after broadcasting.

Here are the steps to save them to mobile storage:

  1. In this case we will use StoriesIG, a free service to download content from Instagram.
  2. We insert the user name i whose live streams we are interested in, without the a sign at the beginning, and we tap the button «View»:

  1. In the profile that appears we go to the IGTV card, there will be the direct ones still available, otherwise we will no longer be able to download them:

  1. We choose the video that interests us, and under the player we choose "Download" to download it:

The live broadcast will come stored on the smartphone, so we can see it in the gallery. If its duration is very long and our data rate has limits, we may be interested in connecting to a WiFi network to prevent gigabytes from running out too quickly.

Registra streaming live su Instagram

The last option is record the screen of the mobile while we watch the live (or while doing so), which has the downside of not being able to after it's broadcast, but it will help us if we're concerned that the account won't keep it.

Also, the big plus is that the chat, reactions and registration of joined users are preserved, as they appear on the screen. When you download an Instagram Live later, the video no longer retains these interactive elements.

These are the necessary steps:

  1. We will need a mobile screen recorder app, this is a good free option to download:
  2. Download Mobizen for Android
  1. Download Mobizen for iPhone/iPad
  1. After installing it, it will ask us to accept the legal conditions, a short tutorial explains how it works and ask for permission, in particular the ability to show itself above other applications:

  1. We will click on the button that Mobizen places in the right corner, then a camera icon to start recording:

  1. The operating system (in this case Android) asks us to confirm that we want to record the screen in a pop-up window:

  1. At the end of the live, we give him the square shape icon to stop recording:

  1. A menu will allow us to see the video at the moment, or we can close it if we want to record other screen contents:

The direct ones we get with this method they will be located in the «Mobizen» folder of the internal memory, and they will appear in the gallery. They are saved on the phone itself, so you don't need to download anything from Instagram.

This way we cover all possibilities to download directly from Instagram, which aren't foolproof due to the way social networking works, but are successful in a sizable percentage of cases. If we are interested in this type of tricks, downloading full-size Instagram profile photos is also very useful.

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