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We will explain how to download filters for instagram, a simple process that allows us to add new effects and masks to stories. The additional filters are free and very numerous, even if they are somewhat hidden in the Instagram app.

We have already collected the best trending filters to use on Instagram, and also a lot of Instagram filters like «roulette», which are among the most popular. In this tutorial, however, we will indicate how explore among the available effects to download the ones we like best.

Also, during downloading the filters we will have direct access to the Instagram camera, so that it is easy to reuse them. Of course, this is optional, we can record a specific story with the filter without having to save it for later.

There are several alternatives for downloading filters, so we'll cover them all, starting with the most common:

Use the search filter

The process of searching for filters on Instagram is quite intuitive, but the access to the gallery is quite hidden and we have to go into Stories to find it, which many users are unaware of.

To enter the search engine we will follow these steps:

  1. In Instagram home screen, we swipe to the right to open the Stories camera and filters will appear on both sides of the button for taking photos and videos:

  1. Now let's do swipe the filters to the left, at the end of the whole we will get into what it says «Explore Effects», in the shape of a magnifying glass:

  1. It will open there effects gallery, with various categories including «Selfies», «Love», «Fun», «Sci-Fi & Fantasy» or «Color & Light», all available for free.
  2. There are also sections for Instagram filters, those we have previously saved and those of the accounts we follow.

  1. Instagram generically calls very different formats "effects": simple color filters, masks that are placed on the face, augmented reality creations and even sophisticated 3D animations on which the user's face is added.
  2. Pressing the magnifying glass icon we can search any word to find filters related to that term. Although in Spanish there is a lot to choose from, using English we will see more and better options to download:

  1. Once we have found what we were looking for, we will touch the a down arrow icon to unload the filter, so that a shortcut to the camera is added:

  1. If instead we click on «Try» the Instagram camera will open without downloading the filter, and we will be able to take a photo or record a video to be published directly in the Stories:

Take advantage of the filters of your contacts

If, when we take a look at Stories from the accounts we follow, we like their filters, you can use them now, or download direct access to the camera to easily locate them at another time.

These are the steps to follow:

  1. If a Story appears with an effect we like, we have to click on the filter name which is shown in the upper left corner:

  1. In the menu that opens we will click on «Save effect» to download the selected filter:

  1. A pop-up window tells us what the filter was «Saved in camera» to easily locate it when loading new stories:

  1. Of course, we can too click on «Try» to use the filter immediately, without downloading the link.

Use specific account filters

If we know that a specific account has filters that interest us, it is possible to download the effects by accessing their Instagram profile, as they appear together with the rest of the content they have published (photos, videos, Reels and IGTV clips).

Here's how we can find them:

  1. We go to the profile that interests us and click on the three star icon which appears under the header:

  1. Now we have to select the icon with an arrow pointing down, looks the same as the filter gallery we explained earlier:

  1. A message will indicate that the filter has been downloaded and that we will find it in the camera:

  1. It is also possible to choose the «Test» option to use the effect in Stories at that precise moment.

Delete the filters you no longer use

In many cases we use filters without saving them in the camera, but those who are keen on downloading effects for later use may find that they have accumulated too many. This complicates uploading stories to Instagram if many of them are no longer useful to us.

Fortunately, access to filters can be easily removed:

  1. From the Instagram camera we choose the effect we want to eliminate (scrolling to the right or left) and Click on the filter name in the lower area:

  1. It remains only to choose the option "Remove" and the filter will disappear completely:

Some interesting filter makers

Now that anyone can easily create effects if they have the know-how, some Instagram users offer free downloadable filters on their profiles. Some accounts worth following are:

  1. Glazed Art
  2. Matthew Brucato
  3. Glitz and strength
  4. Christian bilate
  5. Mark Gimenez
  6. Antonio trans

Finally, for the more creative and with knowledge of 3D design, it is possible to create custom filters for Instagram. Other users will be able to download them for free, so Instagram doesn't pay us to upload them, but sometimes they can be used to gain followers in our account, as long as we manage to make the effect go viral.

Finally, there is a huge variety of filters to download on Instagram and we can even use a photo and video editor for Instagram, which will create Stories externally with greater freedom, and then we can upload them to the social network.

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