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Facebook allows you to download your Facebook Messenger conversations from the web, so you can keep them safe and check them whenever you want from a computer or mobile phone, a process that won't take too long.

While they shouldn't be lost if you don't lose access to your Facebook account, you'll probably want to take care of your health and have a special chat archived with a family member, partner or friend, so you can consult without having to log into Facebook messengers.

If you have a computer handy and an Internet connection, this process can be done in moments and Facebook facilitates this possibility, as you can also download all the information Facebook has about you.

To download your Facebook Messenger chats, follow these steps:

  1. Open your computer's browser and log in with your Facebook data. Within Facebook, click the arrow icon that appears next to your photo, top right, and enter «settings and privacy/settings».
  2. In the left column click on “your Facebook information”.

  1. Then, go to the «view» option where it says «download your information».
  2. Now what you have to do is click on the "deselect all" option and tick only the option called "messages", which is the second from the top, in this way we will only download the messages that Facebook Messenger has generated.

  1. Then, choose date range from which you want to get the conversations, you can leave it as it is or you can choose the dates yourself. You can leave the media quality and format boxes as they are.

  1. Finally, Click on your “create file” and you will have to wait a few seconds or minutes, a time that will depend on the size of the file.

  1. To download it, you just have to click on the bell icon at the top and click where it says «Your Facebook info file is ready for download».

  1. You will enter a new window where you will have to click on "download" so that the compressed file containing your Facebook Messenger conversations can be downloaded to your computer, if it asks you for your Facebook password, write it down.

And that's it, in a few seconds you will get a compressed file which you will need to unzip which contains your chats from this messaging application in HTML format, so it will open in a browser and they will be categorized by users so you can find them better.

Although they may seem like many steps, when you do them you will find that they are fast and with little difficulty and you will be able to get your Facebook Messenger conversations in seconds to download them to your computer and save them in a safe place.

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