How to Download and Update TomTom GPS Navigator for Free - Quick and Easy

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That way they can provide you assistance during your trip in places you don't know. The TomTom company has been manufacturing GPS navigators since 1991 and is a leading brand in Europe in navigation.

What do I need to update my TomTom GPS Navigator quickly and easily

Having your browser up to date is extremely important, because not only are you protecting the security of its operating system by avoiding malicious software, but with it you get paths and routes that have been created recently.

Additionally, you can get improvements in the tools and functionality of your TomTom GPS. To update your browser you need to have access to a Mac or Windows computer, a USB cable and a Internet connection.

When you have all this, we will proceed with the installation of the software update for your GPS. As you know, TomTom navigators have a compatible application which, via a computer, allows you to transfer all the necessary information.

Depending on the model of your GPS, you can use MyDrive Connect o TomTom Home to be able to transfer the information. Although some others, especially newer ones, don't need these programs and use one return Wi-Fi.

How to update my TomTom GPS in a few steps

Per computer Windows

Before starting, you need to download the application corresponding to your browser model on your computer. Once this process is done, open the app. You must accept the terms and conditions of use.

Then you need to click Next or Install to get started. When you've done that, you'll have the software ready to start using it. If you already have it installed, make sure it is up to date.

Connect your navigator TomTom GPS with USB to computer. Log in to your PC with the email and password you normally use on your GPS. If you don't have an email, create a quick email by following these steps. Then click on My Content. It's at the top of the screen.

Put a check mark in all the boxes you think are necessary. Then click Update Selected> Accept and Install.

Wait for the download process to complete until Ready to share! Appears on your computer screen.

Finally disconnect your GPS, removing the device safely. You now have your TomTom GPS updated and ready to use.

For Mac computers

Before starting you must have the corresponding application installed, depending on the model of TomTom GPS you have. You can download it from your browser by entering the program's official website. If you already have it installed, make sure it is up to date.

The DMG file you downloaded must be in the Applications section to proceed with the installation of the software on your computer. Once ready, connect your browser to your computer.

You must log in to the application from your computer with the same account you use on your TomTom. Then go to I my content.

Select all the functions you want to update by placing a check mark in the box you have to the right of each. Once you've done that, click Update Selected> Accept & Install.

Wait for the process to complete and Ready to Share! Appears on your Mac screen. You can remove it and start using your TomTom GPS. 

If you don't have a TomTom ready, you will always have the option to use your mobile phone as a GPS device.

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