How to download and save my Badoo profile photos easily

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How to download and save my Badoo profile photos from PC?

download photos from Badoo we can do this in two main ways, the download process on a computer is one option and the other via a phone. In both parts you can do it from a previously downloaded application or from your favorite browser.

If you want to download Badoo photos from your PC, we will tell you what to do. The first thing you should apply is to search for the photo you want to download, once you find it you just have to do right click on the image and select the option to open in a new tab.

The next thing is to go to that new tab and right click on it again; You will have several options and you will have to click on 'Save image as ...'; later a computer window will be broken down and in it you will have to indicate the place where you will save it.

In the case of profile photos, it is similar, however, there are sometimes some drawbacks. If you happen to be unable to download the image in the manner described, we recommend that you apply another foolproof method.

What you will do is insert your profile photos and there press «Set Pnt» on the keyboard to take a screenshot; what you will do then is copy it into any document, cut it and export it in an image format, with conversion to PNG or JPG by default.

How do I download and save my Badoo profile photos from a mobile app?

Now, we have talked about how to download and save a Badoo image on PC; It remains then to explain the procedure this process to download the photos of a profile Badoo from a mobile application, that is, from a smartphone.

The first thing you should do is download the application from the social network, we recommend that you use the lighter version, Badoo Lite, if your mobile is old, so you can have a better experience. Also, you need to register or create an account in Badoo and start using the social network application as you please.

If you have problems a download Badoo on your Android device, we recommend that you update the Google Play Store services before downloading the application. In case you have an account and want to download any image, you only need to apply a process similar to the one described above.

The first step is to log into yours account Badoo, then go to the photo you want to download and save from your profile; you will leave your finger pressed on the image and you will have several options subdivided. Here you have to choose the option «Save image as…» and it will automatically be saved in the gallery.

How do I save a photo of my Badoo profile from my phone?

The process just explained is very simple and works on almost all devices; If we apply this from the application or browser with our profile open, the safest thing is that we can download and the saving process will be automatic. 

But it may happen that the device, application or browser you use does not allow it for several reasons, the recommended thing here is then not to download but only to save the photo in the gallery of your phone in a simpler way.

Since all mobile devices have mechanisms to take screenshots, we will apply this principle, which consists of a simple screenshot.

For this, you need to insert the photo you want to save and take a screenshot of it. The image will be saved in the Screenshots folder inside the photo gallery of the device.

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