How to download all tagged images on Facebook to my PC step by step?

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There are several applications that allow you to download personal information, especially photos and videos, that you have uploaded to Facebook over the years. This article shows the steps of How to Download All Tagged Images on Facebook to My PC.

It often happens that reviewing the history of Facebook or mutual friends among people, many users get it with photos, where they have been tagged, and which they do not track on their personal devices.

It is also the case that the device where you keep your photos, usually PC or external memory (the cloud is a more recent solution) is damaged and you lose precious material that you would like to recover, especially photos, and for this you go to Facebook.

Or the user wants to have a detailed backup file of the photos that his contacts or friends have tagged and be able to have them at hand.

Downloading photos one by one in Facebook history is an option, but not the most sensible one and we also believe that very few people have enough time and patience to undertake a boring task like this. With this simple way you can also download full albums that you have been tagged in.

What to do then? How to download all tagged images on Facebook to my PC?

As noted, there are various applications that allow you to selectively download information, essentially photos, that you have uploaded to the Facebook social network over the years.

One of them is the application "Pick & Zip" which allows the download of photographic material on Facebook, in which the user has been tagged. It is a free app.

Via the option "Find my photos" the application carries out an inspection of the Facebook account, of the various contacts, and identifies the photos in which the user has been tagged. To download, you can select and download everything, or just choose the ones that interest you. We also show other valid options to download all tagged images on Facebook.

Use a browser-based extension

There are also other extensions or applications that can be used to download tagged photos on Facebook, depending on the internet browser used by the user.

In this case we refer to «DownAlbum», si it is an extension developed for Google Chrome. It's one of the best, you just have to download it and log into it on Facebook to have it available.

This extension has another advantage and can be used on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and other social networks. So far we have shown some of the options to download all tagged images on Facebook.

For those who use Firefox as their internet browser, the option is "Fluschipraine". Its activation method follows the same procedure as “DownAlbum”.

The download is activated by Facebook. Go to the photo album contained in the social network you want to download. With the mouse press the right button and open one of the photos. An advantage opens immediately that allows you to select the file or folder for downloading the photos.

In addition to being able to save Facebook photos and albums on your personal computer, you can also save them directly to a USB memory.

General download of information and images

If your purpose is not just to download the photos you have been tagged in, but all the information you have on Facebook, including pictures, videos, contact list, that is, you want make a backup of your information you have in the social network, then the option is as follows.

It is important that when you download images from Facebook you make sure you do it from its original size, this way you can save the image in its best condition and when you want to view or reuse it it will not appear in poor quality.

Enter the Facebook account, in the bar at the top right, you find an arrow pointing down and when you press it a menu opens that takes you to "Settings"

When you view the "Settings" yes opens a window identified as » Settings general accounts «. Here you will get a function that allows you to make a copy of user information.

If you decide to proceed with this copy, Facebook will ask you again for your login data: Username and password, for greater protection. Upon download, Facebook will create a file for you with your username and that's it. We show you various steps to download all tagged images on Facebook.


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