How to display articles or pages everywhere in WordPress? - Step by step

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Therefore, one of the features that many users want to add is that of view certain pages or posts in places of their choice.

From changing or removing footer and credits copyrights in WordPress to the WordPress HTML application and indentation for this tutorial, WordPress is simple to use.

What should I do to be able to view pages anywhere in WordPress?

The first thing that must be done in order to achieve the proposed goal is have a specialized plugin, which is what allows this adjustment.

In this sense, the name of this tool is WP Show Post, and can be found in the section " Settings »Of WordPress.

This is one of the best plugins in WordPress, so it pretty much fits the bill right now.

Where, in the left menu, the tab will be selected » Plugin »To access the section» Add new ". In that segment in question, the cursor is located in the search bar located at the top right of the screen and the instrument name is typed.

In the result, the WP Show Post will be the first option, also recognizable by its icon, which has three colored squares arranged vertically together with six horizontal gray lines

Next, you have to click on the gray button " Install now «, Which will be found next to the plug-in name.

Then, in the same place, the button will be updated and you will now be able to click on » Attiva «, So that the platform is redirected to the corresponding window.

On the other hand, you will notice in the side menu that from now on there will be a tab with the name " WP Show Post «.

Configure the plugin

To get started, you have to click on the mentioned tab of the plug-in, to be able to choose » Add new »At the top of the screen next to» Lists of items «.

Here, the elements you want to have will be adapted, for example, to be able to display pages everywhere, they can also be posts or posts.

In the same way, it can be filtered by categories, which is the most sought after and common to apply. And this is achieved thanks to the checkboxes that you will see next to each label you have.

Other than that, you will likewise have the option of determine how many posts or pages you want to show. The next section to customize is the number of columns you want to locate, so you will have the opportunity to configure the images.

As well as the type of content, which is nothing more than the summary that accompanies the sample image. And the goal, where you can include the date and author.

All of this can be reviewed and adjusted again through a side menu, which will be accessed on the left side of the new posts tab.

Once you have all this information as you wish, you have to go to save the changes, in the button " Save »Located on the right of the screen.

More configurations

In the aforementioned side menu, there will also be an option or tab called "More Settings", which can be pressed. Where, for example, you will have the power to choose by which criteria the items will be sorted. That is, whether from the most recent to the oldest or vice versa, it is also random.

In this section it is also possible to adjust the type of order, be it ascending or descending, and many other parameters on which the user can inquire. And, in this way, after publication, it will have been possible view pages anywhere in WordPress and with the personalization that every content creator wants to grant.

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