How to display a password with asterisks so that no one else can see it

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Privacy is an extremely important condition for being able to survive in our environment, and this is because there is information that cannot be shared with all the people who live there. Many times we keep secrets more for good than for simple selfishness.

Therefore, many areas of our daily life have a password. These include credit cards, e-mails, social networks, mobile phones, computers and we can also provide lockable keys for suitcase.

Despite the frequency of passwords, there are still people who do not know how to use the options available on mobile phones and computers in the interface in which we provide them, such as the ability to view and manage passwords saved in Chrome or another browser. Therefore, this article will explain a little about the subject.

What are keys or passwords?

Primarily we should know what the keyword or password means, and that is a password or a key it is a form of confirmation which uses any kind of means by which enter to obtain certain resources, files, images or among other things.

Therefore, if the system requesting the key determines that the media used is not the one registered within the device, it will automatically issue an access denial. There are also some systems such as banking that lock the account when an incorrect password has been entered several times.

THE use of passwords dates back to very ancient times, where there were sentinels (people who took care of access to a certain place or a meeting), who had the task of letting through only people who knew the password, which normally were signs or phrases.

What is the difficulty level in a password?

When we create a password it is very important that we do not just do it randomly, but we must make an assessment of the password difficulty. It is important to make it as difficult as possible for other users, but create a password that is easy to remember, as if it is simple, other people will be able to access it easily.

For example, many banking systems today require a large one to be entered variety of figures in the password to access their accounts, among which there must be letters uppercase, letters lowercase, numbers, digits and grammatical signs, so that all passwords are complex. Browsers like Chrome also allow you to turn on the strong password generator.

What happens if i forget my password?

If for any reason you forget your password, it may or may not be a complicated process. It all depends on the system that manages this part of security, among the factors that most influence is the fact that this password is registered on the internet or less. You can also recover your Gmail account if you have forgotten your password.

For example, when we access a social network we observe that the password is stored on the Internet. But when we log into a computer that has a user password, the process is different, as the password is stored within the same computer.

In the case of the computer, if you don't have any documents or files that you really want to save, then there is no problem, just format the computer with a new operating system and that's it. When it comes to an account with internet access, you need to follow the steps shown by the option "I forgot the password".

How to display a password with asterisks so that no one else can see it?

It is very important that when we enter our passwords in any place no one observes us, and this is solved in a very simple way. In the case of social networks, you will see that in the field where you enter the password there is an option with a blocked eye, this causes the key to appear in asterisks.

in banks and other systems, this option is provided by default and what you do is the opposite of enabling the option, i.e. when you press the button you will automatically stop seeing the password with the asterisk and you will start seeing it normally. The important thing is that this option is always on the screen, you just have to search well.

It is an action with which we should be used to type in our passwords. Since firstly, from a lot of practice, we will be able to write the password without having to see it, and secondly, we will avoid a lot of inconvenience with people curious about wanting to know our password.

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