How to disable message preview on my iPhone

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If you are a user of any model of the iPhone mobile phone line, this tutorial will interest you, here we will explain how to change your iPhone notification settings to so you can customize it to your liking and you can see it in the notification panel only the ones you choose which should be shown.

Is it possible to manipulate all the notifications on my iPhone at will?

In fact, you can select which notifications you want to be displayed on the screen while your mobile is locked, this to have a little more privacy, avoid interruptions or distractions during the day, or you just don't want your bar notifications saturated with app notifications and received message icons. The amount of tweaks you can make to your iPhone configuration is huge, maybe that's why many people prefer this iPhone model instead of an Android mobile, but let's leave the comparison for another time, let's focus on what leads us to this post.

How can I change my iPhone's lock screen settings?

All configuration of your iPhone mobile lock screen must be done from the menu of the settings of your system.

Go to Settings and click Notifications

Go to your iPhone settings and look for the option » Notifications «, Here you will see a list of all applications that currently have permission to send notifications to your lock screen.

Press the Messages option

From the list of applications that appear, select the option » Messages »In case you want to turn off the message notifications on the screen.

Change the Lock Screen option to avoid notifications

When you enable the option » Screen lock «, You are instructing your system not to show any message notifications on the screen while your mobile is locked.

How can I disable the preview of my messages?

If, on the other hand, you want also disable message preview received on your mobile, then you need to follow the steps below.

Go to Settings and look for the Notifications option

Enter the menu of your mobile again and look for the option » Settings »And enter the section" Notifications «, Once there you will see a list of applications that are allowed to show notifications on your screen.

Enter the Messages option

In the application list you have to select the messages option, remember we take this function as an example, but you can follow the same steps with any application you want.

Go to Show Previews and configure your notifications from there

When you select the messages option, scroll down until you find an option called " Show preview «, Deactivate it and press accept, go back and that's it, when you receive a message , neither the notification nor the message preview will be displayed on your screen lock.

To verify that you have new messages, you have to unlock your mobile and go straight to the messaging application to see the new messages you have received.

If at any time you are presented with an error related to an application's notifications, for example that it does not show you notifications or that, despite activating them, the system does not show them on the screen, a simple solution would be to update the applications of the your iPhone having problems, as by doing so, basic conflicts are very likely related to their performance are resolved.

As you may have noticed, you can customize the notifications of each of the applications you have installed on your iPhone, so that you can completely disable notifications and previews for a specific app or just disable notification preview. Furthermore, if you wish, you can also customize the notification sounds of the apps you have installed on your iPhone.

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