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You knew you could disable comments on your Instagram Stories? It is an option that you can activate within the social network settings so that no one can comment on your stories, although you can later reactivate this possibility if you wish.

By activating this option, what you do is that no person who can be your follower or any other user who does not follow you, but sees some instagram stories, can respond with some emoji or text, and this can be especially useful when you upload a lot of stories.

The option is enabled by default, that is, when you create a profile on Instagram, the setting is activated so that anyone can reply to your Stories, but you can remove this possibility from all users, your followers and also those who are followers and what you follow.

To disable comments on your stories, follow these steps:

  1. Open the application and in the case of the iOS version of the app, click on your profile picture icon at the bottom, then on the icon of the three horizontal stripes and access the «settings» option.
  2. Now go to Privacy/History.
  3. When you get there, select the "deactivate" option in the "reply" section, so that no one can reply to all the Instagram stories you upload, although as you can see you have the option that followers can reply or only those you follow too

I would be ready. Something you should know is that although you can access Instagram from a computer via the web, this parameter cannot be disabled in this way, you must do it from Instagram for iOS or Android, i.e. from the mobile app since there is no possibility moreover.

It's easy to remove the ability for users to reply with comments to your Instagram Stories, remember that when you want you can reactivate this option, but your followers are very regular in commenting them, sooner or later they will surely notice that you have removed the comments.

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