How to Disable Automatic Brightness Adjustment on an iOS iPhone - Quick and Easy

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How this feature works on iPhone iOS

When using your iPhone you will surely have noticed that from time to time increases or decreases the brightness of the screen. What is it about? Well this is a feat made by the Apple company imposed on the latest iPhone phones they have produced.

This feature is automatically configured so that when you are in spaces with more external light, your iPhone screen decreases brightness and in spaces with more light, the screen brightness increases.

This type of technology uses "Ambient light sensors" to make automatic adjustments to the brightness of the screen and this in fact helps both you and your phone to suffer less, as saves a lot of battery on your iPhone. We can also choose to enable dark mode on the iPhone so as not to suffer so much with the brightness of the screen.

Now, the problem arises when these sensors may one way or another fail and you have one dark or excessively bright screen when you don't want it or don't need it. Or maybe you have poor eyesight and need more or less brightness on the screen.

Either way, the reasons for taking the brightness settings under your hand are up to you, but what is certain is that you need to learn how to do it, so let's get to the steps right away. We see.

How to disable automatic brightness adjustment on an iOS iPhone

Well, depending on dell'iPhone, access to disable this setting will vary. So below we will give you the ways to do it from the different iPhone you may have.

Disable the brightness setting on an iPhone with iOS 11

If you have an iPhone with iOS 11, you may not have a clue where the option to turn auto brightness on or off is hidden. And it is that Apple has had its reasons for hiding this option, as very few people turn off this setting and it actually serves to optimize the phone's battery.

Well, to turn off automatic brightness adjustment in iOS 11 you have to go to Phone settings> Accessibility> Display settings. In this last section you will find the Automatic brightness option that you have to press to turn it off and that's it.

Disable automatic brightness adjustment on iPhone 8 or earlier and iPhone X or later

To adjust the automatic brightness on an iPhone 8 or earlier, what you need to do is slide your finger up on the screen, on the side lower edge screen. When you do this, you will see a menu, with many icons, where you need to locate the sun icon, which is the brightness icon, and dragging this option up or down you will adjust the brightness.

If you have an iPhone X or later phone, you need to go in top right of the screen and scroll down. This will display the same menu as in the previous explanation. You need to locate the sun icon again and adjust the brightness from there according to your preferences.

You can also go to the menu of settings and from there look for the Screen and brightness section. Once there you can decrease or increase the brightness according to your needs and preferences.

You will now have full control of your iPhone! As you may have noticed, regardless dall’iPhone you own, the way to disable automatic brightness adjustment in iPhone iOS it is quite simple and fast.

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