How to delete videos from TikTok quickly and easily

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TikTok is a social network that despite the controversy is getting stronger every day. That's why you joined the fashion and created an account to realize that this social network does not suit you and you want to delete your profile. Another possibility is that you have started uploading content to the platform and after reviewing the material you have noticed that it is of poor quality and you want to know how to delete videos from tiktok. Well, don't worry that in The Power Of The Green Android we will teach you the steps you need to follow to remove them from your account quickly and easily.

How to delete videos from TikTok 2022

Once the application is open, we must go to the bottom right where it says "I", this will take us to our profile.

In this way we will enter our profile, here we will have access to all the content that we have uploaded to the platform. Now we just have to select the video we want to delete.

How to remove my videos from TikTok 2022

Now what we need to do is look at the options to our right. If you have looked closely one of the icons is shown with 3 horizontal dots («…»), let's go inside.

How to delete videos from Tik Tok 2022

In this screen we will see many options to share content with social networks, however for delete my videos from TikTok 2022 we will have to scroll to the right until we see the trash can icon, we select it.

And voila, this simple way you can delete videos from Tik Tok easily and quickly. If you have any questions you can always leave me a comment and I'll try to answer them when I can. Don't forget to share this article with your social networks, it would help me to go ahead with this project.. Thanks a lot!

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