How to delete duplicate contacts on your Android or iPhone mobile?

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It is possible that adding contacts to Android emergency information or even saving contacts to the SIM card, to name a few examples, will contribute to the duplication of schedules.

However, there are many reasons why contacts in your agenda can repeat themselves, it is almost always due to failures or actions we take without realizing it.

In this sense, having repeated contact is a situation that many users tend to lose, which it does accumulate an endless list in their agendas.

Either because you don't have time to clean it or because it's a really boring job, the truth is that it's inconvenient for smartphone owners.

In this tutorial, we bring you some tips to stop this evil from invading your phone. But first let's teach you how to delete duplicate contacts in Android or iPhone OS versions.

Remove duplicate contacts quickly and easily

If the damage is done, and you need to delete all those double contacts saved on your phone, no problem. With this app it's fast and super simple.


The almost magical program we are talking about is the «Duplicate Contacts», in Spanish « Remove duplicate contacts «. And it also works to delete duplicate contacts on Android or iPhone.

On Android, you can find it in the AppStore with an icon showing a blue contact agenda and a green one with an X covering it. You can also download it directly from the Internet.

So, the step by step to suppress repeat contacts is quite simple, here we show you:

  • First we need to have the "Duplicate Contacts Removal" application installed.
  • When you run the app, it will immediately start analyzing our agenda to determine what the double contacts are.
  • It will throw the results in a list and there will allow you to select the names we want to keep.
  • We press «Delete» or «Delete» and confirm with «Yes».
  • And voila, our contact list will be duplicate-free.

At the end, the application will generate a .vcf file, where the contacts will be deleted.

If we do this, we can recover the contacts we just deleted, this is insurance in case you delete one by mistake.

Does it work on all devices?

As you can see, cleaning your contact list is quite simple thanks to the duplicate contact removal, but you may be wondering if you can do it on your mobile. Yes you can.

This application it does not specify any version that limits its operation. Although some users have commented that it needs versions higher than 2.3 on Android.

Besides, it doesn't just work on mobile phones, you can also install it and clean contacts on a tablet.

Another recurring question is whether it requires the computer to have root access. No, it does not need to be rooted.

Keep your schedule clean

It is best to avoid duplication of contacts as much as possible.

In other words, you should try to keep your contacts in the same place all the time. If you decide to save it directly on your phone, in the Gmail address book or on the SIM, it doesn't matter. You just have to be consistent and remember to always do it the same way.

Update the contact when someone changes their number. We know that when a friend changes their number it is easier to save the new one as “Tal-friend 2” instead of updating it.

But don't do it, if the number you saved doesn't have it anymore, delete it! Or replace it, do not accumulate and accumulate unnecessary contacts.


When you sync your mail to another device check your settings, you don't necessarily have to link contacts from that device.

We hope that with these tricks it will no longer be necessary to delete duplicate contacts on Android or iPhone. Although if so, you can always come back to this guide!

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