How to delete a message on Facebook so they don't read it

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In a previous article, we revealed some tricks to remove Facebook likes that other people have given on their Facebook profile. On this occasion we want to explain in the following article: how to delete a message on facebook so they don't read it the procedure -step by step-, to be able to delete or erase a message sent on Facebook Messenger to another person before being read or before he reads it and therefore that message cannot be seen by the recipient to whom it was sent but in in addition to this and last but not least, it serves to delete messages for you that have been seen by the recipient and this can annoy you or cause problems in the future.

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How to delete a sent message on Facebook Messenger [CLARIFICATION]

Before explaining the procedure and in honor of the truth, it is necessary to say that a message sent on Facebook can be seen instantly by the recipient if he wishes and if he is also online, it is possible that the recipient is indifferent to his message and never review or much later (hours, days, weeks, etc.).

For these reasons, when a message is sent on Facebook and for one reason or another, they back out and don't want it to be read, they need to act quickly by deleting that message within 10 minutes of sending the message and then they will be in able to delete the message and they may have a better chance or possibility that the message sent on Facebook will not be read by the recipient.

Having said and clarified this point, we will explain: how to delete a message on Facebook so that when it happens to them, they proceed to delete the message as quickly as possible and it will not be seen.

How to delete a message on Facebook so they don't read it | STEP #1: Login to Facebook and go to Messenger [PC – Mobile]

To begin with, you must be logged into your Facebook account correctly, and once in your Facebook timeline, you will go to the section or the Messages section by clicking on «Messenger» on a PC or by clicking on the message icon that you will find in the options above from a mobile phone.

How to delete a message on Facebook so they don't read it | STEP 2: Find and open the message

Once in Facebook Messenger, they'll search for the contact they sent that message to, and once they've found it, they'll click or tap on it to open the conversation they've had.

Now they have to find the message they want to delete. If it's a previous message that this person has seen, they'll scroll up until they find it, or find it immediately if it's the last message they sent.

Note no. 1: It's worth mentioning here that a message seen on Facebook Messenger looks like a ticket seen in blue on Facebook, and when it's not ready, the ticket appears white.

How to delete a message on Facebook so they don't read it | STEP 3: Get rid of the message [PC – Mobile]

Once you find the message you want to delete on Facebook, it will be deleted and for this reason anyone using a PC will pass the mouse cursor over the message and when they do, three icons will appear next to this message and here, click on the icon of the "ellipsis«

With the previous click, a kind of black cloud will appear with the inscription «Clear» which you need to click.

So now a central window will open where they ask: Who do you want to delete this message for? And you here, you need to check that the option is marked: «Delete for all» and after that, you will click on the option «Remove ".

Voila, the message they sent on Facebook has been deleted successfully, otherwise it will display the text: » You have deleted a message» and with it no one will be able to see it (neither you nor the other person).

Meanwhile, those who use a mobile or mobile will press the message they want to delete and when they do, a bar will open at the bottom and here, they will have to click on the option that says: «Clear» and if this is done in less than 10 minutes Once that message has been sent, the options “Delete for everyone” and “Delete for me” will appear and you will press the option that says: «Delete for all«.

Perfect, the message has been completely deleted and the recipient, failing that, will be able to see a message that says: your name accompanied by the text: «Delete a message» and you'll never know what that message contained.

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