How to cut or remove unwanted parts of an online video in an easy way

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Luckily on the Internet there are numerous tools to cut videos as we want, completely free and with great ease. Thanks to them you can have the clips that most attract your attention from your favorite videos and upload them wherever you want.

In See how it's done We tell you how to trim your online videos without complex steps or other hassle.

Cut or delete parts of videos completely online

The first thing you need to do is search on Google or your trusted search engine how to trim video online. Various pages will appear, some better than others, offering you this completely free service, without downloading any programs or add-ons.

Some offer you the option to download programs or pay money for one that offers you many additional features. However, if you are looking for a simple video cropping, you can use these pages to do the cropping.

One of the main achievements for doing this is Clideo, which in addition to cropping, allows you to play other important functions. You can compress, rotate, resize, edit the video and even create memes with your favorite scenes to share with others.

This page gives the user access to a Pro version of the service for a monthly or annual payment. You can even create a free account where all the changes you make will be stored, for a short period of time.

This platform, like many others, serves very simply so that the video can be cut. First of all, you need to be absolutely sure that the video is within the memory of your device.

This is because pages only work with the files you have saved in the storage part. When you have it, you just have to load it on the page you have chosen to cut or remove parts.

clide lets you choose the length of the cut and place an effect fade or fade on the clip of your choice. It also allows you to put a specific format for cropping, the one you prefer, different from the original video format.

When making the cut, you just have to download the edition to your device and you have already completed the edition.

Some additional ways to edit videos on different devices

In case you have a device with Android or iOS system, you can download an app called Kinemaster. It allows you to modify and video in different ways, with different tools and elements that are very interesting and fun.

It is one of the most popular apps for mobile devices, with a great finish when editing. And above all, you can download it completely for free from the default app store on your device.

On the other hand, there is a good way to edit videos from your PS4 console, using a tool called Sharefactory. In the world of video games, the PS4 has had a lot of impact, even for gameplay recording, so it needs a lot.

It is a useful tool only to edit video, not to record directly on platforms like YouTube, Facebook or Twitch. It can be embedded in the console or obtained through the console store to install it.

And even if it seems very difficult, you can edit your videos through the tools that WhatsApp offers you. It should be noted that the tools available are in case you want to upload a video in the state of said application.

But WhatsApp allows you to share or forward the video that you have uploaded in the state to other people or to Facebook. It is important that your social network account is connected to WhatsApp for it to work properly.

If you are very interested in video editing, you can keep learning by doing your research on See how it's done. We have many other articles that talk about this interesting and beneficial topic for uploading content to your personal platforms.

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