How to create or take photos with moving background on iPhone and Android

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It is not to be confused with creating a GIF or an animated image, although obviously they are quite similar. Once you have created your animated wallpaper photos, you can share them and for example create a shared photo album on iPhone.

You may see many times that other people upload photos to their networks where something moves while the rest remains static, not moving.

If you still don't know how to create these kinds of images or you don't know which application is best for it, no problem.

We bring in this post the way to do it step by step, as well as the tool we use.

Another question that is always present when we talk about installing or downloading a new application is whether it will work for our device.

Also, knowing where to find it is something that is greatly appreciated. So, let's clarify for once that this App works for both iPhone and Android.

Likewise, you can download it directly from everyone's store. That is, in the Play Store if you have Android and in the App Store for iPhone. Read on, we will tell you which application you are looking for.


What do I need to create or take photos with a moving background?

create photos with a moving wallpaper on iPhone and Android, we must first have the application that will allow us to do this.

Currently, many applications are able to give a better finish to photos with the effects or filters they offer. For example, the case of Instagram when creating panoramic photos.

The tool that we have chosen and that we recommend is the "Loopsie" app, this is totally free and as we have already said it can be found in the stores of both systems.

When you search, look at the icon representing the application. In it you can find two blue circles (one inside the other) with an equal blue point in the center.

After installing Loopsie, you need to follow this step by step to learn how to create photos with a background in move your iPhone and Android.

How do I do it?

When we run the app, before we can start it it will ask us for permission to access the camera of our equipment. We will give "Accept" to continue.

We will go to the interface where we will see the image captured by our camera. It is advisable before recording, that we know which object or person is the one that will be moving.

We will leave the capture button pressed for a while, just outside the button you are pressing you will see a circular bar.

This last anger will be emptied until the engraving process is complete, at which point you can stop pressing.

Next, we will go to another screen where you will read the word below "Ready!" or "Done" next to the sample image of the video we captured.

Also, the program shows you an example of what these fabulous moving images look like.

When you select the icon that contains our video (you can find it at the bottom right) it will open in full screen.


What we are shown is a static image, and you will surely ask yourself, what am I doing now? Well, in this step is where we tell the program what we want it to be in motion and what not.

We can achieve this by activating the option that allows us to select everything we touch to be in motion. Or, conversely, what you select would be corrected.

You will find a scroll button in bottom left to change this setting.

What we touch will be tinged with white, be sure to mark the entire object. When we stop touching the screen, we will have our image created.

Where are my photos stored?

After editing the video, the application offers us the option to upload it directly to your social networks like Twitter or Instagram, as well as allowing you to save it to your device's gallery or photo album.

One notable thing about this app is that it doesn't add any watermarks. Your image will be completely clean and customized to your liking.

For example, it also gives you options like the one that turns the video into a loop in which it repeats itself and repeats itself.

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