How to create or make a secret board on Pinterest How are they used and what are they for?

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Pinterest is a platform designed for publication or archiving of images of interest. It was launched in 2010 and so far continues to amaze us with its incredible ability to bring people together as the most popular social networks of the moment do.

This platform allows to users with similar interests of joining, Pinterest can create an environment where many connect through the same likes, and then photos can be shared through the well-known boards. If you want to know them, read on.

How to create or create a secret board on Pinterest?

Before explaining the process of how to create or create a secret board on Pinterest, it is useful to know what the platform is about and what is a bulletin board.

Pinterest is considered to be another social network, where you can create an account and get started upload content and socialize. Like Facebook and Instagram, on this platform you can upload photos to share with any user who can see it.

Le photos and images are shared in a very simple way, one of the Pinterest 'boards' is made to attach them there, allowing other users with the same interests as you, or in any case with interests related to those found in said images, the ability to view and even comment on them.

How Pinterest works is sometimes boring, because it gets a little confusing if you're used to using Instagram or Facebook. However, it is neither something from the other world nor does it have an exact science behind it that deserves the study of the application as such.

Now, dashboards are created within profiles. There is an option that specifies 'create a board' and start uploading images to it; so simple. 

But if we want to secretly create or create a board on Pinterest, we have to go to the edit symbol in the bottom corner of the board and there select the option 'make it secret'. There you can already determine who sees it and who doesn't see it, as well as use it to your liking.

How are secret boards used on Pinterest?

Before explaining how pinboards on Pinterest, we also take the opportunity to tell you how you can download it to your mobile device for a more enjoyable experience.

What you need to do is access your phone's store, which can be Android or iOS, and within them you will only search for Pinterest. These shops are the App Store or Play Store and in each of them you will find the application simply by typing it.

If you have a phone or mobile with a different operating system, don't worry, maybe you will have the application in store of your phone, but if not, you should only download one of these stores on the mobile you want, regardless of the brand of the same.

If you want to covertly use a board on Pinterest, you just have to add a photo or image as if it were a public bulletin board, and put whatever you want or consider that you should keep it saved there.

What are secret boards on Pinterest for?

Using boards in Pinterest is very simple; remember that it is a tool used as a basis for publish or archive photos. In the case of secret bulletin boards, it's about keeping the images or visual information you want secret, without others, or at least someone unknown, being able to enter.

You can also download the Pinterest application for Windows PCs, as well as being able to download it from your own cell phone. 

Now, what are the secret boards on Pinterest for is a very valid question, and even more so, if it is a platform that is considered a social networks on many points of view.

But the reason for the existence of these boards lies in the personality of each user, which Pinterest and its admins consider very well. It could be that you enjoy posting your content or saving your information.

In the latter case, Pinterest allows users who wish to save their information to do so with this tool. It may be that they keep images personal, intimate or simply images that have a unique value.

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