How to create an account or a channel on Vimeo for free – Step by step

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Yes, it exists and is called Vimeo. With more than one hundred million users, this social network launched in 2004 by Jake Lodwick and subsequently acquired by the company Inter Active Corp, allows you to view content without ads in playback.

Several artists have made Vimeo an excellent ally to show their talent. In addition to not containing ads, you will be able to see videos in HD quality. Positioning and getting more coverage for your video has never been easier.

Popularity without advertising

This social network is one of the alternatives to the YouTube platform. While it's true that the latter's popularity outstrips that of Vimeo, you'll face more competition to rank your Post, as well as having to deal with ads that can harm the viewer's experience.

Vimeo gives you the opportunity to push your viewing experience to the limit, with optimal quality and stunning, clean objectivity.

Starting the Vimeo experience

Dare to live the Vimeo experience and become part of this community. To explore this amazing social network, you will first need to create a profile. To do this, you need to follow these simple instructions:

  • Enter the Vimeo web platform and press the Join option.
  • Complete the form by entering your details, email and password.
  • A window will appear where you can choose whether you want a free or paid account.
  • Then select the option to accept. If you select the paid account option, you must enter your card details to proceed with the payment.
  • Confirm your registration via your email
  • Ready! You are now ready to start the wonderful world of Vimeo.

Other plans available

Vimeo has a free subscription which offers basic services and tools, as well as a limit of 500MB per week.

However, you can opt for more advanced plans like Vimeo More  o Vimeo Pro, which will make it possible to unlock tons of storage space and advanced privacy controls.

Customize your player and give a personal touch to the different interaction tools and, above all, without any kind of advertising! This social network is undoubtedly ideal for all those people who choose quality and experiences in every space of their day.

One of the best options of this social networks is that, if you decide to unsubscribe from one of the offered plans, you will receive a full refund, in case of annual subscription in the first 30 days, and in one month one of the first 5.

Vimeo e privacy

Feel free to configure the privacy of your content, choosing who can view your videos and you not. Select the access limit and check the comments and downloads in any or all of your posts.

In addition to meticulously controlling access to your publications, this social network also allows you to choose what kind of notifications you want to receive in your email.

Create wonderful content and show your talents and skills with this amazing social network. Forget about having to wait for heartbreaking ads to view content and dare to live the experience Vimeo.

Improve the quality of your posts  ed enters be part of the community that chooses to see high-end content, ad-free and with an incredible perception of the superior.

Likewise, you can also learn how to record or create a PodCast on Android with the Anchor application like a pro from our website, easily and conveniently.

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