How to create a WhatsApp shortcut in 5 SECONDS

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How many times do we need to send a quick message via WhatsApp to a person and we waste time looking for them in contacts? As a general rule, if the person with whom we usually have many contacts is usually at the top of the list, which will save us time to search for them in our contacts in the application. But today I bring you a trick to speed up the process sending  to that person with whom we usually have many relationships. This is one of the tricks of this simplest messaging client that I like the most to use in my daily life. So let's see today  how to create a WhatsApp shortcut in 5 seconds.

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What does it mean to create a shortcut in WhatsApp 2022?

It is basically an icon to quickly and directly access a conversion with a contact in question. As pictured:

How to create a WhatsApp shortcut in 5 seconds

The first thing we need to do for create direct access to WhatsApp is to enter the messaging client and press and hold the chat conversation, for which we want to create access. To do this we press for a few seconds, when it is indicated in gray we give it to the top left where the 3 dots are located.

Now we will see a small menu, it is as simple as clicking where it says «create link».

Once provided, we will get a window telling us that the application is trying to access your contacts, it's something common. We give it to allow and that's it.

We will have ours WhatsApp conversation created on the desktop of our Smartphone in just 5 seconds.

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