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Pinterest has long been offering the possibility of have secret bulletin boards and if you are the one who want to know more about these or if you want to create your own private message boards and you need some guidance… Then you have come to the indicated place. Well, in Practical Resources we have prepared an article, titled: how will i create a secret bump on pinterest where we will answer clearly, what are private message boards? besides, what are private tabs for? We'll fix some frequently asked questions about these, and finally, explain the step-by-step process for creating these secret or private boards.

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What are private tabs?

A secret board on Pinterest is a private space within a user profile that is not accessible or seen by other users, much less the public or the general internet user, and is basically used to upload all those pictures or so-called Pins they want to have in a place accessible only to the user who created said private board and to those who have honorably invited them to see them.

Put simply, a private board would be a suspiciously limited space on Pinterest where you can store images or Pins that shouldn't be viewed publicly for whatever reason you deem appropriate.

What is the use of having a private card?

Now, the features or benefits that can be obtained from secret boards are very varied, such as:

1.- As a storage place for images that can be accessed from anywhere with internet access.

2.- An extra space when there is no other place to store the images or to be able to free up space.

3.- An ideal place for businesses and companies to keep in private good ideas to work on and that cannot be discovered or even copied by competitors or others.

4.- A perfect place to keep all those images that can evoke or, better, help to realize projects that take time to mature and are kept in strict confidence since they are a surprise.

5.- It can be of great help, when working on an idea and it is necessary to have all those inspiring images and also, to be able to share access with certain people who can suggest and enrich a proposal based on this private bulletin board, keeping that yes, privacy or discretion.

Features of Secret Boards | Answers to frequently asked questions

Before moving on to the procedure for creating a secret board on Pinterest, it is necessary to list some characteristics that it is essential to know in order to be able to use this reserved resource that Pinterest offers to each user with complete peace of mind.

  • Only you can see your secret boards and pins, as well as those Pinterest users you strictly invite to see one or more of these private boards.
  • No secret boards will appear publicly, either in the home feed, searches, or anywhere in public access on Pinterest because these are secret or private boards for a reason.
  • Secret boards can be made public just like public boards, they can be made private whenever you want or see fit.
  • If you've saved a Pin to your own secret board, the user or owner of that Pin won't be notified, nor will the Pin count increase.
  • If they save a Pin from a secret board, don't worry, the name of the person you saved it for won't appear on your new Pin.

How to create a secret board on Pinterest | Step 1: Log into Pinterest

First, they must access the official Pinterest cover as it corresponds or usually do from the web or, from the mobile device with a search engine or its URL and after, on the Pinterest cover they must click on the button, which says «Log in» (see attached image).

On the new page that has been loaded by Pinterest, you need to log in or enter your Pinterest account with your email or phone number and password and then click on the button that says «Log in» and that's it (see attached image) or well, do it with Facebook or with Google.

How to create a secret board on Pinterest | Step 2: Create a secret board

Once in the Timeline of your Pinterest account, you should go to your profile by clicking on your profile photo icon or your name located in the top right bar if you are using a PC or computer for this procedure (See image attached).

With the previous click, they will reach your Pinterest profile and therefore, they will have to proceed to create this secret board on Pinterest and to do so, they will find in the first position on the boards they have, the option to do it and that in gray letters at the foot of the board , He says "Create board«. Well, they'll click the red button that encloses the «+» that appears in that board creator.

Well, with the previous action a central window will open where you are ordered to perform two operations necessary to create this secret board on Pinterest and which are the following:

  • Name: in this box, they will have to enter the name they want to give to that secret Pinterest board they want to have.
  • Secret: in this option, they have to click on the end of the scrollbar where the ball or circle is not so that it moves to the other end and this option is activated and it is something fundamental to do to be able to activate and create a secret board on Pinterest.

Once this is done, they must click on the button that says «Crea» and which they will find in the lower right corner of this window.

Now, they will appear right on the secret Pinterest board they just created and which is notable for having a padlock that demonstrates the secret or private nature of said board. Finally and from now on, you can add or upload a «Pin» to said bulletin board by clicking on the circle enclosing the sign «+«, as well as create a sub-tab by clicking on the gray text that says «+ Add sub boards» and with this they will be able to create a secret Pinterest board that will be reserved for the general public.

How to see my secret board on Pinterest

To see that this secret board has been successfully created, they need to go to their Pinterest profile by clicking their profile picture icon or name above.

In your Pinterest profile, you must go down with the right sidebar or with the mouse if you are using the PC or computer and you will see the section «Secret tabs» in a very soft gray tone and of course the secret board you just created with the Pins you were able to upload and of course you can click, edit and do as you see fit with this board.

Finally, this is the procedure on how to create a secret board on Pinterest that must be performed by all interested parties who want to create this type of board that can only be viewed by people authorized by the creator of said board and not by anyone and finally , we extend the invitation to follow us on Pinterest.

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