How to create a free Netflix account: step-by-step methods and tricks

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The way we watch TV has changed a lot in recent years. We have gone from watching shows, movies, television series and documentaries on the small screen to connecting to the Internet to have almost instant access to what we want to see. Streaming has been in great demand and here we will tell you how to create a free Netflix account.

Video on demand or streaming platforms have emerged. The market is full of companies that want to offer their consumers all the content they want for a small monthly fee that allows them to access it, even if the most important and visible offer is Netflix.

How do I register a new Netflix account?

Nowadays, this company is positioning itself as a large streaming content directory, since millions of people have subscribed to them and are enjoying everything they offer around the world.

It is no less. Famous series such as self-produced series, films and even documentaries make up this audiovisual catalog which you can access from any connectable device (PC, game console, tablet, smartphone and even Smart TV).

So it is more than certain that right now you are wondering how to create a free Netflix account so that you don't have to pay anything and enjoy everything that this famous system offers you.

In this post we will explain everything you need to create a new Netflix user and enjoy all its contents without paying anything or almost nothing, in some cases for a limited time. By signing up, you can enjoy free time to see firsthand what makes Netflix so great, even if it charges you if you want to stay longer.

Here we explain the process of creating your profile and, later, you will be able to save on commissions or, at least, pay less than usual without giving up the infinite amount of content that is offered to you.

Before you can enjoy all the series, movies and even documentaries that make up the growing catalog of this online streaming platform, you should know how to sign up for a new netflix account. Since without it, it is impossible for you to enter and use the system. In this section, we will help you by explaining step by step what you need to do to have a ready user profile on Netflix.

1- Access the Netflix home page.

You need to register a new user on Netflix, you need to enter their online portal to start the process. Open your favorite web browser and enter the following URL in the search section or simply click here:

2- Start recording

After being on the Netflix home page, you need to start the process of opening an account. On the first page, you just have to find the button that says «Enjoy a month for free» and click on it. Although it is only a promotion to test the video system, it also serves to create your profile and the ability to use it as often as you want, when and where you want.

3- Select your plan

There are now three steps you need to complete. First of all, you need to select the plan you want to watch Netflix on. Push the button "See plans» and access a screen in which the three existing bases will appear:

  • Basic
  • Standard
  • Premium

Each has a different price (respectively 7,99 euros, 10,99 euros and 13,99 euros per month); but it also serves to take advantage of the different offers. You have the option to choose Ultra HD video quality if you wish, to have up to 4 different devices included in your account at the same time and, of course, to access the complete catalog, which is updated every month.

Look at each of the plans, select the one that most convinces you by clicking on its name and then click on «Continue«. You should know that to create a free Netflix account you have to be cunning.

4 – Insert your data

After clicking again on «Continue«, you'll need to start entering data to create your Netflix username. You must fill in the two fields that now appear on the screen with the email address you want to register and a password so that only you or the people you want can access it.

You should know that you have the option of receiving or not receiving special offers from this platform by mail. To achieve this, check or uncheck the box below with an explanation. Then, you just have to click on the option «Continue » to continue.

5 – Select your payment method

After the above, you now need to select what your payment method will be for your Netflix profile subscription. You can choose a credit or debit card, pay with PayPal or a gift code you have for the platform. Choose the one you want by clicking on the corresponding option.

Time you will have to enter all the data you need. Now fill out the form below with the payment type you've selected, then when you're done, click on » Start Subscription. Pay after one month for free» to start using Netflix.

Success!!! This is the best way to create a free Netflix account. This will give you one month without having to spend money on watching movies, documentaries or TV series; but you must remember that after this period, you will have to place an order every 30 days.

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How to create a permanent free Netflix account?

Netflix offers you a one-month trial period during which you will be able to access all its contents without having to make any minimum payment, so that you can test its advantages and make sure you are fully interested. Three days before the end of the month, the platform notifies you that you will be charged if you do not unsubscribe by the end of the month.

Faced with such a situation, many are wondering if it is possible to open a free Netflix account permanently, and there is no way to do it by appealing to the systems and functions that are offered both online and in the applications of this very popular video platform .at the moment.

It's not possible to create a free Netflix account for life, although you could create many accounts periodically and have the platform for free as long as you do. There are suggestions that work to a greater or lesser extent, but it's not possible via the Netflix system itself. However, one of the most common ways to reduce costs is to share user accounts.

Since there are plans that allow you to stream several screens simultaneously, the total monthly price can be split in such a way that, for example, instead of paying a user 13,99 euros (with the most comprehensive plan), it can be divided into 4 people, they pay about 3,50 euros per month. The difference is big and serves to save money without giving up the highest quality of the platform.

Surely you are wondering if there is an alternative way to get that long-awaited free Netflix. In the next section, we'll talk about it to get you out of the confusion.

Alternative ways to get a free Netflix account

While there's no way to create a free Netflix account and have it forever, there are several alternative ways to get a free Netflix account, although the company has taken it upon itself to cancel a few that have worked very well so far.

One of the most common skills is to create a new account every month. If you can opt for a different payment method each month, with a different PayPal profile or using credit cards from people you trust, you have the option to cancel your subscription whenever the end of the month approaches.

The downside of this system is that it is limited, as sooner or later you will run out of enough forms of payment to continue manually renewing this free period. One technique to create a free Netflix account every month is through visual credit cards.

There are methods that consist in modifying the Netflix cookies to prevent the payment request, also requiring the installation of an extension in case of use of Google Chrome; however, its effectiveness has been reduced in recent times as the company has taken steps to prevent it from continuing in business.

The only really effective way to get a free Netflix account is to ask someone to give it to you without asking for money for it. Since all alternative mechanisms sooner or later fail, or even require a lot of extra effort to be able to enjoy the shows or movies on this platform, so the big savings it can mean are not worth it.

If you really know someone who has an account, it's best to ask them. The worst response you can get is that you pay your fee, and even then the cost will be much less than signing up and having to pay monthly fees.

Next, we present several video streaming platforms that can be great alternatives to Netflix, even by combining some of them:


HBO's fame is such that it has multiple releases for different regions of the world. There are users from Mexico who want to know how to create a free account on HBO GO (for their region), just as there are Spaniards who want to know how to create their own user on HBO Spain. For the latter, we give you an answer. For those who, like you, want to start enjoying what the Spanish team has to offer.

2- Movieflix

This is a free service that allows you to enjoy all the contents of Netflix without unwanted ads and with a quality equal to that of the official page. You should also know that, according to its creators, it is not a plagiarism, but a completely legal alternative which, in turn, makes the content available to the user for free, without needing a subscription.

3- Amazon Prime Video

The platform giant, Amazon, has a significantly smaller share than Netflix and offers you a wide range of movies and series, both purchased through deals and own.


It offers you a new way to enjoy TV, a modern, fast and easy way, very suitable for a young and current audience. With this service you will be able to enjoy your favorite programs and series, all this content that you will not be able to see on your external TV, will be available in streaming over time. With the subscription of only 10 euros per month and without permanent conditions.

5- The movie

It stands out for its large catalog of content, divided into categories. Among the content it offers, you can find original versions with subtitles or, for those who prefer it, even dubbed films.

If we have to mention any inconvenience related to Filmin, we can say that it doesn't offer the option of one month free trial and that it can only be used in Mexico and Spain.


Surely you have ever heard of this Spanish platform. With this platform you can enjoy original movies with subtitles or movies translated into Spanish. Similarly, payment can be made via PayPal if you do not trust giving your card details over the internet.

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