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If you want to know how to create a board on pinterest and, with it, being able to add different contents to the user profile that you have in this global catalog of ideas, then look no further… Here, in Practical Resources, we have created a step-by-step tutorial for all those who are interested o are just getting started on Pinterest and need an easy guide to create Pinterest boards to spice up your Pinterest account and showcase your ideas to the world. Next, we leave you the procedure that you must follow in order to correctly create a board on Pinterest.

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How to Create a Pinterest Board | Step 1

Certainly the first thing they should do is enter their Pinterest account with their respective access data (email and password) and then they will go to the section «Profile» clicking on the human figure icon you can see in the upper right corner (if they are on a desktop).

Now, in the section or Pinterest profile page they've opened, they'll see a soft gray box that also has, in the center, a red circle with a «+“Then they'll click right there to create a Pinterest board. By the way, the text «Create tab» so they don't get lost.

How to Create a Pinterest Board | Step 2

With the above action, a central window will pop up with the title saying «Crea board» and below this, 2 aspects appear to create this board and they are:

  • Name: here you have to enter the name you want to call or identify the board you want to create and don't worry if you make a mistake, because you can change or modify it later. In the case of this tutorial, I've created a board called «Learn to use Instagram«.
  • Secret: This option allows you to create a secret board that is secretly invisible to people at large but open to you and the people you want to share this board with. To make it open to the public do nothing and if you want a secret bulletin board click next to the square that says «No«. I have made public the bulletin board I created that accompanies this explanation.

Finally, when they've completed this, they'll click the button that says «Crea«.

How to Create a Pinterest Board | Step 3

With the above action done, a new Pinterest page will load where you can see the title of the board you just created and above, you can see a pencil icon so, you will click that icon if you want to continue editing the board or , if they wish, they can omit it or leave it for later.

Well, clicking on the pencil-shaped icon will open a window where you can add various information on the board you have created, namely the following:

  • Name: Here, if you wish, you can change the newly created name of your board or leave it as it is.
  • Technical Information: In this part, they will be able to write a text that refers to the topic or topic of the bulletin board they have created.
  • Category: with a click here a drop-down menu will open and you can select the category of your table among all the options or possibilities, or the one you think is closest to the topic you will deal with in your table
  • Secret: They have the option to change the tab between public or private.
    Collaborators: This option allows you to invite other people to collaborate on this board and to do so, they need to enter their username or email so that person can join and collaborate on the board they are creating.

Finally, when you have configured or completed this part of the board, you must click on the red button that says «Save» and located at the bottom right. By the way, the information you just added might actually change in the future, so don't worry.

How to Create a Pinterest Board | Step 4

With the previous action performed, a page will open showing the name or title of the board they have created and, below, the description they have written for that board.

Now, this done, you can go to your profile by just clicking on the profile photo icon and with this the profile page or section will load and you will be able to see the Pinterest board that you just created and that is it, they will be able to add all the images who want to animate said bulletin board.

Finally, here it is how to create a board on Pinterest and, therefore, not die trying… Think carefully or very well about the name you will give it and the visual content you want to add so that it calls attention and be a phenomenon and have followers of that wall and now, we just have to invite you to follow us on our Practical Resources channel on Pinterest where we upload all our material.

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