How to convert TikTok videos to GIF easily and quickly

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Lately there is a lot of talk in different technology blogs about the possibility of convert a video from TikTok to Gif and the truth is that I forced myself to write this tutorial because everyone encourages you to use third-party applications or web pages of dubious quality to convert a Tik Tok link into Gif format. That's why today in El Poder Del Android Verde you will learn that it is possible convert any video from TikTok to GIF without using these virus-plagued websites or applications of dubious origin because you know what? The official application allows you to do it and then We explain the steps necessary to make it.

How to Convert a TikTok Video to a GIF Without Installing Anything 2022

The first thing we have to do is enter this social network through its application, once inside we will look at the arrow at the bottom right, we will press it.

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How to share a TikTok video as a gif fast and easy 2022

If we have performed the previous step correctly, we will see how a chest of drawers with the different social networks to share content appears at the bottom. We will have to move the options to the right until we reach «Share as GIF». If the option is not available it is because the video is not enabled for download.

How to generate a gif from a Tik Tok video 2022

In this section we can cut the video to make a shorter Gif. Once everything is to our liking we have to give it a go "Generate".

Once our Tik Tok clip has been converted to Gif, we can share it with our social networks.

And these would be the necessary steps to convertire TikToks in GIF, if you have any questions you can always leave me a comment and I will try to answer them as soon as possible. Don't forget that you can support me by sharing this content with your social networks.. Thank you very much!

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