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If you have changed your instant messaging app, the question may arise about how to contact Telegram, it's something we may want to do in case of problems with our account on the platform or if we are having problems with its performance.

One of the main reasons we may need to contact Telegram is because our account may be limited and the truth is that there is no established procedure, at least not very clearly, on how to solve this kind of problem.

Contact from the Telegram app

One of the bad news is that there is no phone number where you can call Telegram and communicate with an operator or technical support who can give you an immediate answer, all the attention you can receive as a user will be received virtually by the platform's volunteers, since there is no one hired to perform this task.

The patience it's the key if you want to be served. It is understandable that the need for an answer to a problem makes the wait long, but as mentioned above, being volunteers, they do not have long times to satisfy the needs of all users and therefore the only thing left to do is not just wait a bit for help to arrive.

  1. Log in to the Telegram application, which you can access even if your account is limited.
  2. Go to menu located at the top left of the screen which is identified by three horizontal lines.
  3. Choose the option "Settings".
  4. When you scroll to the bottom of that screen, you'll see a section called "Help" and there you should choose the option "Ask a question".

  1. By clicking on this alternative, you are reminded that “Telegram support is done by volunteers. We respond as soon as possible, but it can take some time."

  1. Before entering to ask a question, you are welcome to review the Frequent questions, a section which is also found in «Help» and which may have an answer to your question.
  2. You can also go to the section resolution of problems, which could save you a lot of waiting time, by being able to fix the problem yourself.

Other Telegram contact methods

Likewise, you can choose to contact Telegram through its social networks, especially through his Twitter account, something that is indicated on the app's website, in addition to giving you access to an advanced section of questions and answers, they may have a solution to your problem.

Or send a message to the Telegram support service, by filling out a form in the section, there you must describe your problem, then you must indicate an email through which they can contact you and a telephone number, whichever is preferably the one connected to your account.

Website: Telegram Support

Numbers to contact by message with Telegram

You can also contact Telegram assistance directly, via the appropriate telephone number. You have to save it in your mobile memory, but it's not a standard number, it only works for communicate within Telegram (does not support SMS or calls).

These are the available versions:

  1. General Support (in English): +424 00.
  2. Spain: +424 34.
  3. Other Latin American countries: +424 50.
  4. United States: +424 10.
  5. Netherlands: +424 31.
  6. Italy: +424 39.
  7. Brazil: +424 55.
  8. Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore: +424 60.
  9. Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan: +424 70.
  10. South Korea: +424 82.
  11. India: +424 90.
  12. Saudi Arabia: +424 96 (bot).
  13. Iran: +424 98 (bot).
  14. other Arab countries: +424 97 (bot).

Finally you can search for the official Telegram bot support by searching for the @BotSupport profile which will have answers on the bot APIs, if your problem is related to this messaging feature, this way you already know all the ways to contact with Telegram through its various channels.

Web: @BotSupport (Telegram)

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