How to connect an Android or iOS mobile phone to Windows PC or Mac? - Fast and easy

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But if we have to "reflect" to or from a computer, special applications are required. In this article we will show you the applications available to connect an Android or iOS mobile phone to your Windows or Mac PC.


This application will allow us to turn the PC or Mac into a mirror of our Android or iPhone device screen, to do this we need to install the "client" application that we will find on Android (Google PlayStore) o iPhone (AppStore) and the »receiving application» It should be installed on Windows or MacOS, connect both and it should work.

ApowerMirror has the advantage of improved Chromecast and AirPlay functions where it allows us to combine Android with Mac or iPhone with Windows. The screen can be viewed directly or opt for special services like streaming video, photos, audio and games to a larger screen.


A tool of the best options that we will get for Android and iOS devices, it will allow us to control an Android or iOS device from the computer. We can view our device screen in real time, take screenshots and fully control it. AirDroid has support in Google Play Store e App Store.


A popular application that allows us to provide remote access and support remote to easily view the screens of mobile devices.

It is available for desktop and mobile platforms where we can see and control the screen of Smartphones and tablets without the need for cables, obtaining a great image quality and in the most recent version we can see that they have introduced the possibility playback screen from iOS to a Windows PC or Mac and then have remote control with the new capture feature.


An application that facilitates the transfer of multimedia files in real time but remotely controlled as if we had one Smartphone or Tablet on our Windows PC or Mac, the connection is made without cables and accessible from Windows PC, Mac or the web.

To use it, we need to install the application " client »On Android or iOS and the" receiver "application on a Windows or Mac PC, to start the connection. This remote control will allow us to use it in real time to perform tasks such as recording videos, running applications or games, and taking screenshots.

Screen Recording and Mirror

This application will allow us to carry out real-time transmission from our Android or iOS device to a Windows or Mac PC, it has the feature of carrying out activities such as recording the screen of our device in video or image, casting this screen to devices such as Apple TV or Fire TV, as well as directly to ours Windows PC or Mac.

It should be noted that we have to install the application " Allcast receiver »For Google Chrome, since in this way we can view the screen of our device directly in said browser, control the screen, run games or applications.

In this article we show you how to connect an android or ios mobile phone to a windows pc or mac in way quick and easy with a list of various applications that can be used to solve the problem of the screen casting of devices on different platforms such as ChromecastIf this article helped you, remember that you can find many more at

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