How to Compress a Video for WhatsApp: Simple Programs and Steps!

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Video compression for WhatsApp it can be a very useful way to simplify many things. If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how much a video can be worth. There is no doubt that it is one of the best ways to convey information, and it is also interesting for those who consume it. That's why this format is a great tool to sell, persuade or inform.

WhatsApp is one of the networks where videos have the most interest, so it can be said that together they are a perfect match. The only drawback is that content in this format is usually very heavy, so sending it through this platform usually takes longer than necessary. On the other hand, you should know that there are several programs that can help you solve this problem.

How to compress a video for WhatsApp?

In this post, we will teach you how to compress videos to send via WhatsApp. You will learn everything you need to know on the subject to facilitate the audiovisual material you want to share with your contacts and friends.

There are thousands of compressors, some are better than others, some are free and some are paid. In this post we will start showing you 3 ideal video compression tools and apps for WhatsApp.

We will explain to you step by step the method you need to follow for Android, iOS and for computers. And so you can choose the program or app that suits you best. And the most important thing is that these compressors are completely free. So here we are.

1- Use video compressor for android

Android may be the operating system where you will find the most applications and tools to accomplish this task. On this occasion, we will show you the best way to use each of them, the tool is called Video Compressor. This application can be found quickly in the Play Store for completely free.

It's excellent if you want to compress video to MP4 file, it also comes with additional features that let you shorten the audiovisual file or output the audio in MP3 format. You should also know that you can also select the quality of the material after compression.

Now we will show you how to compress a video for WhatsApp from your Android smart device:

  1. First of all you have to open the app Video Compressor.
  2. Next you have to choose the content you want to compress. To do this, you need to look for the option «Select from folder«.
  3. Then the folders of your mobile phone will open and the files will appear with the weight of each of them. You have to choose the file to compress.
  1. Now a section will open with some options:
    • Compress
    • cut and compress
    • fast forward
    • Extract to MP3
    • play
    • To share
    • To delete
  1. Choose the option «Compress video «.
  1. After that, a section will open with various qualities available for compression. Select the one that suits you best to transfer it smoothly via WhatsApp.
  2. You will then be directed to the customization section. In this section you can adjust the resolution and bitrate. Then you just have to click on «Compress video» and wait for the process to start.

2- Use a video compressor in iOS

In iOS system, you have the option to download another app called «Bulk Video Compressor» which works similar to the one shown for Android devices.

This is the first free app of its kind for the iOS operating system, as they were all paid previously. You can easily get the tool in the App Store, you will find it due to its good ratings. This will save you thousands of megabytes of space on your iPhone, it is also optimized for iPhone 6 and above.

It also has separate settings for film and audio encoding, and even though it's in English, it's the easiest to use. As we told you at the beginning, it's completely free.

  1. You must first open the application from your iPhone or previously download it from the APP Store.
  2. Locate the section: “ Selection ".
  1. Then a select the + sign to add a movie or short film.
  2. Search and choose multimedia content.
  3. The audiovisual material will be processed, you just have to wait a few seconds.
  1. After that, you will see the section » Filter by date range«, which means filter by date range.
  2. Then you need to select the option «Show all» or Show all.
  1. After that, the screen will display: «Video quality" is "Audio quality«. They are used to adjust the quality and sound, respectively.
  1. Choose “ Low ”, “ Medium ” or “ High ”, as it suits you and according to your preferences.
  2. And that's it, you can start compressing in the best possible quality.

3- Your computer

One option for PC is Prism Video Converter, which is responsible for converting DVD videos and movies into various smaller formats so that you can play them on your smartphone or even your favorite game console.

No image or sound quality will be lost when you compress them and the best part is that it can be done in minutes. It also gives you a preview so you can evaluate how the final product will look and see if you like it or not. To convert files to the desired format, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Start by adding files to the file list window.
  2. Next, you need to click on the buttons «Fillet»Or«Folder ".
  3. Keep adding files to the list of those you want to compress.
  1. You can also drag and drop a file from a folder.
  2. Proceed by selecting the video or audio format you want from mp4, Avi, Mpg, 3gp e apng.
  1. Now you need to click on «Converted«, wait for it to load and you're done.

Compressors and tools to compress WhatsApp videos online

We have already provided you with 3 great methods that you can use from your PC, your iPhone and your Android device. However, there are other alternatives to compress a video for WhatsApp so as not to use programs or applications. You should know that there are online options and tools to compress. We only see the best here!

1- Clipchamp

This is a platform for media content creators, as they have some interesting services on their platform. We can find it in the domain:, and in the products section you will find a free high quality video compressor. It is a professional and quality service that has made 3,5 million users happy… What more could you ask for from a website?

2- File 2 zip

File 2 Zip is easy to find, you can find this tool in the following way, you just have to write: It is responsible for compressing and decompressing ZIP files online without the need for prior registration, free of charge and in multiple languages. Also, added to the compressor, you can still make collages and it doesn't matter how heavy the content you want to compress. Without a doubt, it is a great option.

3- Smaller video

You can find this tool at the following link: You can use this website directly from your iOS or Android device. Video Smaller is a completely free service with which you will be able to minimize the size of the file by compressing it without losing the quality of your favorites. The only bad thing is that it can't be more than 500 MB, even if, despite that, it's a very good service that it provides.


It is one of the most popular online converters. It's a very useful platform if you work with multimedia content, since it not only allows you to compress it, but you can also change its format.

You just have to go to the site, choose the document you want to process and specify some details about the expected result. The speed with which everything happens is one of the strengths of this site.

5- Online video conversion

It's a great tool to compress a video for WhatsApp. The domain of this wonderful and comprehensive website is:, and it is one of the best in this list. It's true that you must always prioritize quality over quantity, which is why Video Online Convert offers quality and quantity. It allows you to reduce the size of audiovisual content, change the format of audio, images, books and any other document.

You should also know that at the end of the net, it quotes the following: “ If you can't find the conversion you want, please let us know and send us an email. Maybe we can help you«. There is no doubt that this is a must-visit website and one you should jot down in your list of favorite websites.

6- Cloud converter

This is another fairly versatile tool that lets you minimize video clips in the same way as the other tools on this list. You just have to choose the file, specify the quality with which you want to compress it and wait for everything to happen automatically.

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