How to completely uninstall or remove Avira antivirus from my PC

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If you are looking for the best product to protect your devices, you have to say that Avira is the best you can buy to install it on your laptop or pc. In this post, we want to show you some tools you need for this tool and how to do it in case you need to uninstall it completely.

What is Avira and how does it work?

An unsecured computer is a general problem, as this compromises our device and even the information that is safeguarded there.

Avira is known as a protection program, which was initially developed by the German company Avira Operations GmbH & Co.

Avira is an excellent protection program for your computers, be they PCs or even mobile devices, offering you a wide range of options that can help you in many ways, thus avoiding the spread of virus or other malware.

How to uninstall Avira

  • On Windows

The first thing you should do before uninstalling this application is to close any other programs or applications running on our device at that time. After making sure you don't have any other programs open, continue with these steps:

  1. Start by opening the menu of Windows and proceeds to the control panel selection.
  2. There you have to select the option of "programs"
  3. You must be in the Avira program, which you can find in the list of programs that contains ours PC.
  4. Next, we proceed to display right at the top, a button that is called "Uninstall", we press it and wait for what the program will tell us
  5. You will be able to see that a status bar will be completed and automatically, this program will not appear among the applications on our computer. However, it will work directly from the main website. therefore, we need to enter the same website and enter the "Support" section.
  6. There we will see a series of options among which we must select " download for free »And we will be able to see that a special website is displayed with a list of products, of which we have to download the Avira Registry Cleaner tool directly from» usefulness " form.
  7. Once installed, we must proceed to run it as an administrator within our PC. Once the program is started, it will ask us to identify the products we want to eliminate, which also includes the different access codes and any complement that links the program to our PC.

  • Your MAC OS

Regarding this operating system, you can uninstall it in two ways. With the first option, you will only have to use the search engine on your computer, with which you will be able to locate said antivirus inside the system folders and then drag the icon and place it in the trash.

This will completely uninstall the system.

However, it is important to ensure that this program is not running when uninstalling, as this would generate a error inside. Since the same system will not fully perform the action while it is running, any other background program.

The other option you can take is to download the generic uninstall tool for these computers from the Apple App Store. This will help you "Sift through" all the programs you want, including the Avira program completely inside the system.

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