How to completely disable Windows Defender in Windows 10 – 100% Effective

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The first thing you should know is that Windows Defender is the factory installed antivirus on your computer. However, we know that sometimes it won't let you install the programs you want to have on your computer.

By following the steps that we will name you below, you will be able to install the applications you want without that Windows Defender is interfering with it. Of course, it's important to keep in mind that turning it off will leave your computer without an antivirus to protect it, which makes it vulnerable.

Therefore, it is necessary to install an antivirus to protect it from any threats that could harm its systems. Knowing this, read on and learn how to completely disable Windows Defender in Windows 10, quickly and easily.

Steps to disable Windows Defender from settings

We have always been led to believe that activating or disable Windows Defender it is very difficult, but today you will learn that it is not true. If you follow these simple steps to the letter that we will indicate below, you will see how in a few minutes you have deactivated Windows Defender on your computer.

  • The first thing is to click on the Windows 10 start button and select the settings, which, as you already know, is the cogwheel icon.
  • Once in setup, click on update and security.
  • Press Windows Security and open Windows Defender Security Center.
  • When you do that, several options will appear and hit that call, antivirus and threat protection.
  • In this case, you will click on the antivirus and threat protection settings.
  • While you are there you will deactivate all activated tabs.

This way you will be able to completely disable Windows Defender and you will be able to install a new antivirus on your computer and any programs that you could not install before. If for some reason, once you have installed everything you wanted, you want to reactivate it, you just have to go back to the settings.

Once in configuration, do all the above, but in this case you will activate the protections that you deactivated. That is, you'll activate real-time protection, cloud-based protection, and automatic sample submission, and that's it.

Disable Windows Defender from Group Policy

Now, as mentioned in the previous steps, you can quickly and easily disable Windows Defender from the settings. However, you can also achieve this by group policy as follows:

  • Press the Windows 10 Start button and type: Edit Group Policy.
  • When you are in the Group Policy edition, click on "Computer Configuration".
  • Next you will select "Administrative Templates" / "Windows Components".
  • Select » Windows Defender Antivirus «.
  • Press «deactivate Windows Defender», when you do this you will find several options and you have to mark the one that says «enabled» and finally «accept».
  • Restart your computer and voila, Windows Defender will be disabled.

If once you have downloaded everything you wanted to your computer, you want to get it back, follow the same instructions. Except in this case instead of selecting " disabled »You will mark« not configured », restart your computer and voila, you will have the antivirus again.

As you may have noticed, it is extremely easy to disable Windows Defender on your computer regardless of which option you want to use. Don't forget, what we mentioned at the beginning of the post is that when you turn it off, your computer will be left unprotected.

So you have to install the antivirus of your choice, so as not to expose your computer to constant threats that could damage it. If this information has helped you, continue reading our articles, because in them you will always find the information you need right now.

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