How to check the status or operation of an online keyboard?

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And, for those who don't have one replacement keyboard or enough money to buy a replacement, they have no alternative but to take care of the only one they have. In this sense, the programs you will see below are the best lifesavers you can find.

How to check the status or operation of an online keyboard?

To go straight to point e start with the process that will help you check the status or operation of a keyboard online, you should know that basically what you will do is test this tool on different pages online.

Keep in mind that today you will not see how to repair or how to configure the keyboard, you will simply learn to evaluate it to know if it has a fault, and prevent it from getting worse. Therefore, if your keyboard is already damaged and you know what the problem is that hit it, this help won't help you.

The first program that exists on the web to check your keyboard is called: Keyboard Checker. Once entered, you will notice that there is an on-screen keyboard layout that will light up green every time you tap a key that works well, so you just have to go and test and if there is one that doesn't light up, it's Because it does not work.


This page is one of the best, because it will also give you helpful hints on where buy high quality keyboards online.

The second page you can use is called Key Test. There will also be a keyboard drawn in this, the difference is that it will take up the whole screen. To test your instrument or accessory, you just have to press the keys, which will be blank if they work well.

Said program has the particularity of be able to measure mouse clicks, making it one of the most recommended. e

With the above options, it is very likely that you can already check the status or operation of an online keyboard, but to add more variety for you, now you will see two more applications that will help you achieve the same goal.

Number one (fourth in the list) is called, its interface is the same as the other examples, but in this one, to access the keyboard, you have to press the button called “Launch Tester”. Once done, you will just have to start pressing the keys, if these are marked green it is because they work.

Last but not least is, which although it has a similar name to the previous one is not the same. Like everyone, it will have a keyboard on its home page, which will be marked green.


But in addition to this, it has a sound that simulates that of a key when pressed, and also allows you to evaluate the operation of the mouse. It should be noted that in its interface there is also a button called " Reset »Which will remove the key illumination and allow you to start over.

And voila, with this you already know how to check the status or operation of an online keyboard, not just on one page but on four. All you have to do is go to one of these and finally check which key is not working.

Remember there are many ways to repair a keyboard, you just need to find what your problem is and a solution (like this tutorial), for example in case you need to repair CTRL V and CTRL C if they don't work when copy and paste (common mistake), then you will see that there are thousands of tutorials online.

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