How to change your Twitter password quickly and easily

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Changing your Twitter password it's a resource that every user should be doing every few months since phishing techniques that could endanger your account are becoming more advanced. That's why The Power Of The Green Android has a tutorial with which you will learn how to change your twitter password in a few steps.

I want to change my Twitter password

Ok, that's the aptitude, then we'll show you how it's done easily and quickly.

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How do I change my Twitter password?

The first thing we have to do is enter our account and click on our profile picture top left.

A side menu will appear with several options, for change our password on Twitter we have to enter the section that says «Settings and Privacy».

Once inside we must enter the section that says "Account".

In «Login and security» we have to insert where it says "Password".

How to change my twitter password step by step

This is where we can update your Twitter password, for this we have to fill in the following sections:

  1. We write ours Current Password.
  2. We put our new password of at least 6 characters.
  3. Lo we confirm again.
  4. Let's «Update password».

How to change my forgotten twitter password

reset twitter password we just have to enter the official page of the social network and click on the section that says "Forgot password?" . Then we will have to enter the email or phone number to be able to restore.

If you have any questions about how replace your Twitter password, you can always leave me a comment, I promise to answer. Don't forget to share this tutorial with your social networks, it will allow you to help other people… Thanks a lot!

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