How to change your Telegram background quickly and easily

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Telegram is one of the messaging clients that has the greatest customization possibilities, in fact at El Poder Del Androide Verde we have already made tutorials in which we have taught you how to put a video on your profile, pin messages, remove notifications and even hide the last link . Today, however, we will show you a very simple trick with which you can change Telegram background and as always we will explain it to you with step-by-step photos and a video made with great care.

How to change Telegram chat background step by step 2022

put a background on Telegram, the first thing we have to do is enter the application and once inside the main screen, click on 3 horizontal lines at top left as indicated in the photo.

Here we will go to the called section "Settings" and we will enter » Chat».

How to put a wallpaper on Telegram fast and easy 2022

Here we can configure the conversation settings, but the only option that interests us is «Change chat background», once identified we select it.

How to put a background photo in Telegram 2022

In this section we will have the following options:

  1. Choose the image from the gallery.
  2. Put a color on your chat screen.
  3. The application will also offer us the opportunity to choose images from its repertoire.

Finally we can configure the wallpaper preview with the following options:

  1. Put a blurry image.
  2. Tax a moving picture in Telegram chat.
  3. And finally, when we have everything to our liking, we click "Create background".

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