How to change WhatsApp keyboard color easily

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I like Android for the wide customization it has since we can modify many aspects of our smartphone such as the launchers, the WhatsApp background, put the classic Google icons or even put a Santa Claus hat on our WhatsApp icon. However, despite the above examples, few people realize that there are aspects such as change whatsapp keyboard color that can be carried out, in this way we can give a more cheerful touch to our conversations and also… It is very easy to do!. That's why next in The Power Of The Green Android We'll teach you how to input colored keyboards in your favorite messaging client in the simplest way possible.

What do I need to change WhatsApp keyboard color?

change keyboard color in WhatsApp we will use the free application Swiftkey, which is regarded as one of the best keyboard apps for mobile.

Scarica Swiftkey gratis 2022

You can install Swiftkey for free directly from the Play Store via the following link.

How to change whatsapp keyboard color step by step 2022

The first thing we have to do is choose Swiftkey like main virtual keyboard. Once we have it by default, all we have to do is start a conversation to see the new keyboard and then follow these steps:

  1. We select the icons that point up and down in the upper left corner of the keyboard.
  2. We give the 3 horizontal points.

A menu full of options will open where we have to select "Topics".

How to put color keyboard whatsapp easy and fast 2022

Now we will have at our disposal a wide range of keyboards of different colors for whatsapp, we will choose the one we like best.

Once we have chosen a keyboard, we will have the possibility to download it and it will be installed automatically.

And that's all now that you know how to change Swiftkey keyboard color in WhatsApp.

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