How to change uppercase or lowercase texts in Word – Very easy

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That is why the need for the study of writing through an electronic keyboard has been so great, which appears in all curricula of basic and secondary education around the world. This is one of the main reasons why it is necessary get to know programs like Word, to perform various tasks that help in the daily life of man.

What is the word?

Word is a program created by the Microsoft company, known worldwide for creating the pioneer of desktop operating systems called Windows. Whose main goal is to be one of the most comprehensive programs in terms of writing texts and files.

Word shows a large number of options with which we can give style and order to the text being created. From minimal details such as size and typeface, by changing the margin measurements, to much more complex options such as inserting images, tables, inserting different headers and footers, inserting frames, graphics and many other items. It is also important to know that it can be used for free online like all offices.

Is Word the only program that allows you to write texts?

Despite the great effectiveness and efficiency of this program and through which it is known by a large number of people; whose jobs have a more corporate and administrative approach, Word isn't the only program with which it is possible to carry out this task.

There are also other great examples, like Open Office, which, like Word, is a program aimed at office automation, but with its particularity of being open source. Which allows any user to use it for free, and this represents a significant saving in the long run.

there others types of packages like Google Docs, which is mainly characterized by allowing easier access to work with multiple devices, i.e. to start working on one PC and finish it on another. Although it's not very good, since it only offers the three main office tools.

What rules must be respected to make a good writing of the texts?

Among the main tips to take into account to make a text as good as possible, there is that of think well about the proposed topic ; And it's not worth writing a topic without knowing exactly what you want to express in the file. Since it is a real hassle to read people files that they don't know what they are writing.

Another good tip is to write simply and clearly. Avoid complicating reading comprehension with overly complicated or elaborate terms.

How to change uppercase or lowercase text in Word?

The use of uppercase and lowercase letters is of great importance in writing, as it allows us to differentiate proper names, names of countries and cities, titles and more. That is why it is important to learn how to modify them when writing programs.

In most programs we only have to select the words we are going to modify and look for the option "Case sensitive". In Word and Open Office it is located on the home tab, specifically in Word two spaces to the right of the letter size.

Thanks to this tool, many users have been able to create efficient and organized texts, showing order and clarity in the final results. Taking advantage of the technological development that writing has had.

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