How to change the color of the Facebook icon quickly and easily

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Did you know that if you have a Smartphone with an Android operating system, it is possible change the color of the facebook icon? Yes indeed, in The Power Of The Green Android we have seen similar tutorials where we have shown you how to change the color of the WhatsApp icon, put the classic Instagram icon and even restore the classic Google icons on Android. Today however we are going to give a more personal touch to the application of Mark Zuckerberg's social network by changing the color of the icon, below we will show you the steps that we must follow to achieve it.

Can I change the color of the icon on Facebook?

Yes, it can, but we must meet a number of requirements:

  1. Have an Android device.
  2. Have the Nova Launcher application.
  3. Search Google Images for Facebook icons in other colors to download them in our gallery.

How to change facebook icon color in android step by step 2022

The first thing we should do is go to Google Images and download a different colored Facebook icon. Once saved in our gallery, we will have to install the Nova Launcher application.

Scarica Nova Launcher free 2022

We can install Nova Launcher directly from the Play Store app store via the following link.

How to put another color facebook icon on android fast and easy 2022

The first time we open Nova Launcher we have to select it as the Start In application so that always boot with the operating system (we choose "All time").

We put a shortcut on the desktop of the Facebook application and do the following:

  1. We leave the icon pressed.
  2. Let's «Edit» in the pop-up menu.

In editing the link we select the Facebook icon as you can see in the photo.

In the topic selection, click on «Applications».

In this section we will have to select a gallery application of our choice.

This will take us to the gallery of our phone where we will have to select the Facebook icon of another color that we previously downloaded.

  1. Here we must squaring the edges of the icon to adjust it to the maximum.
  2. Finally we click on "Done".

On the final screen we will click on "Done" per salvare I modified it.

And we will have our own another color facebook direct login on android. Remember that if you have any questions you can always leave me a comment and I will try to respond as soon as possible. If this tutorial has been useful remember that you can share it with your social networks, this allows me to continue making other tutorials like this one.. Thanks!.

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