How to change, configure or clone a MAC address with a router

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When you connect your computer to the network, you will find several network identifiers, the best known being the IP and Mac addresses. These addresses allow you to configure your computer to get a satisfactory connection on the network. But you know in detail what it is, what it is for and how to know the MAC address of your PC or Mobile

THE IP address is what allows the information to reach your device correctly and exactly, this address contains a number that identifies your computer or device on the network.

It can be public or private, the public one is set by the internet network operator, this number is fixed; the private address is what allows you to connect to your router.

A router is that device that is used to connect to the Internet, this device allows several computers to connect because it distributes their connection.

Previously there was a router-like device, it was called Interface Message Processor or IMP, it contained ARPANET, at that time the first network that switched packets.

THE International Network Working Group ha created a Gateway in 1972 so that different networks could be interconnected.

The function of the router is that the network packets come sent on the correct route, by immediately storing the received packets and also processing the information at the same time, this is done using the protocols already included.

You can find different types of routers such as: Office or Home Office in English, used by small businesses that allow them to securely access the virtual network, there are also wireless, core, ADSL and distribution., Each of them uses the IP and Address MAC.

What is a MAC address?

A MAC address is the address that identifies a computer or device, as well as the network connection. This address is already marked by the manufacturer on the NIC card. In case you have a MacBook you will surely be interested in how to know and find the MAC address of my MacBook

A printer, tablet, network repeater, smartphone, Wi-Fi extender, computer, network drive or NAS, router all have MAC addresses.

Un MAC address it is defined by the IEEE, which in Spanish means Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, which has the task of supervising and implementing the standards for network connection and Wi-Fi.

Each device contains a unique MAC address; its unique hexadecimal identifier, you can see it as it contains six groups of two digits each with the octet name.

How to change, configure or clone a MAC address with a router?


All routers already have their factory-intended address, however if you want to change, configure or clone it then I'll show you how:

Step 1

The Ethernet cable of your equipment, plug it into the same port and also into your router in its enumerated port, plug in the Ethernet port to the port.

Step 2

Open your operating system, be it Windows or Linux. In "Near" type the word "cmd", press "Enter" and enter the commands.

3 pass

Enter your browser and enter the IP address of your router (in this case, as a router, its address is in the option "Address bar" and immediately press "Enter".

4 pass

Now in «Beginning of section» enter the username and password, if you do not know the name enter "Admin" or "Password" to enter the password.

5 pass

Enter the option Network MAC Clone or "MAC Cheat Address", if you can't find it, go to Tools or Configure Network and click on the right.

6 pass

In the option "Clone MAC address", click so that your computer's Mac address can be cloned together into the router with its WAN MAC address.

7 pass

To culminate in "Save" press click to automatically save the configuration, this will restart the router, if not, disconnect and reconnect immediately.

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