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Steps to change audio format in Windows 10 PRO

Now, we want to show you a quick and easy way to change the format of an audio if you work with Windows 10 PRO. What you will do is manually change the format of your audio.

Before you start, you should know that the audio or video whose format you change will appear with its original name and not the one you entered later.

Now, once you have the audio you want to change the format of, what you should do is go to " Control panel" on your computer. For this you just have to right-click on your computer's startup and click on the option "Control panel".


Next, a window will open with all the control panel options, click on » File Explorer Options ». Next, a new box appears in which you can see in the first three tabs called «View», «General» and «Search».

You have to click on «View» and you will see a list called «Advanced settings», now you have to look for the option «Hide file extensions for known file types» and when you find it remove the » Control Which must side.

Time to change the name

When finished, click » Apply »And then click« OK ». Now you will go to the audio whose format you want to change and right click to change the file name. When you do, you will be able to change the audio format and position whatever you want.

It's something like another Windows process, like renaming or renaming all files in bulk in Windows 10 in the blink of an eye.

And before clicking "OK" make a copy of your audio, this as a safety measure in case the other one is damaged, do not lose the content. You will now see a window titled "Rename" and a message saying "Changing the filename extension may make the file unusable."

You have to click "Yes" and voila, you have already changed the audio format to MP4 or whatever you want. Now open it and check that it works correctly.


Change the audio format online

If, on the other hand, you don't want to carry out all the previous procedure or you don't have Windows 10 PRO, you can use an online converter.

Of these there are many on the internet, the truth is one better than others. In each of these converters the step is almost always the same. What you need to do is enter the converter you prefer and on the home page you will see the option “Converted audio »And a folder icon next to it.

What you should do is click on said icon and look for the audio you want to edit on your computer, double click on the audio when you find it and it will automatically load into the page, now you just need to click on the format you want to change it for and in the end " Converted «.

Wait a few minutes while the format changes and the option " Download «, Click and it will start downloading the audio in its new format, normally it gives you the option to choose the folder you want it to be saved to and that's it. It remains only to verify that it is really in the new format.

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