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Definitely the question how to block someone on twitter without them noticing or finding out? It is one of the most interesting for some Twitter users who, for one reason or another, have a conflict with another user and want to make this drastic decision to block someone on twitter, yes, with the incentive that this person does not know him or I do not know what happened. Well, in Practical Resources we want to provide a couple of ninja solutions that solve this mess somehow, but still require some time to modify and configure the account you have on Twitter or, to sacrifice something in favor of what this person does he did not know or did not know and feels hurtsince the social network Twitter does not offer any options for this mess.

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How To Block Someone On Twitter Without Their Knowledge | Solution no. 1

The first ninja or swiss watch solution how to block someone on twitter without realizing it, is to confuse that user who needs to be blocked on twitter without realizing or knowing what really happened to you.

Basically, the idea is to make it look like they deleted your Twitter account, leaving you with uncertainty or uncertainty as to what happened to your account and to do this, it will require a few things you need to do with your profile Twitter, that they take time and have to be done in that order in order to simulate this situation.

Step #1 | Well, the first action is to switch the Twitter user account from public to private so that everything that is posted or shared on this social network with strangers or those who do not have a Twitter account can be protected and no one will find the their content and To do so, they must click on «Profile and settings» which is represented by their profile picture icon at the top right and the drop-down menu that appears, click on «Settings and privacy«.

Now, on the new page, they have to click on the option «Privacy and Security".

So here, you have to tick or tick the box » Protect my Tweets » in the entry Privacy and then click on » save modify» which you will find below. Certainly, this action will allow them some protection and no one in their contacts will notice it and, in particular, that user who is still in their contacts and whom they want to block. If you need to know the whole procedure in detail then, I invite you to review this guide …>>

Together with the above or taking advantage of what is done, in Profile and settings > Settings and privacy > Privacy and security, some other things related to privacy of the Twitter account will be done, such as the following:

  • In the entry Privacy, the option «Do not allow me to be tagged in photos» must be flagged or crossed out in Photo Tagging.
  • In Visibility, you will have to uncheck the options » Let others find me by my email address » and » Let others find me by my phone number » respectively.
  • In Direct messages, » Receive direct messages from anyone » should be left unchecked.

In the entry Safety, you should leave the options » Hide content that may offend the sensibilities of some people » and » Delete blocked and muted accounts » checked.

Finally, when all of that is done, they'll proceed to click the blue button that says «Save Changes» and located at the bottom of the entire form.

Step #2 | The second action consists temporarily deleting your Twitter account for at least a few days, a week or a maximum of 29 days and although it may seem drastic to do this, this is necessary to simulate that there has not been an account lockout.

Then, they will have to click on «Profile and settings» located in the upper right part of the screen with it, a drop-down menu will appear and they will click on «Settings and privacy» and now they will drop down or go to the footer and click on the option «Deactivate my account» and will follow the steps to close the temporary account. If you need to know the details of the procedure to do this, consult this guide …>>

Step #3 | After a sufficient time of days therefore, the fourth action will have passed and that is reactivate your account or recover it and for this it is sufficient to enter Twitter and log in with the data associated with your account and immediately after start the process of blocking the user you want to remove and not find out.

To do this procedure they must enter that user's profile and then click on the 3 circles icon (if they are on a PC) and with this a drop-down menu will appear and click on «Block @username With this, the user will not be able to follow you, nor add you to their lists and among other things. By the way, if you want steps to hang on web, iOS, Android then check out the twitter guide… >>

Now, this step doesn't end here… Since you have to consider whether you need to block one or more other users who are contacts and good friends of that person and who you have in your contacts. In other words, intermediaries who can tell that user what they really did with that user must be blocked or eliminated.

Step #5 | Immediately after (without wasting time), it will be necessary to modify some things of the profile you have on Twitter and to do this, you will click on » Profile and settings» (top right) and in the drop-down menu, click on the option «Profile.

On the new page that appears, they must click on the button that says » Edit profile" and then they'll need to change their Twitter account's header photo and profile photo and these must not have an image that can be associated with your person (photo of the face) they must be generic and not allude in any way to you or the topics you cover on Twitter and together with this and even if it hurts, they will change your name and the description they have.

Step #6 | After the previous step and without wasting any time, you need to change a couple of essential things and it can be something drastic to do if you love it or because you have gained some Twitter influence with it. Well, they have to click on «Profile and settings» (top right) and in the drop-down menu, click on «Settings and privacy» and on the page that has opened they must change yes or yes, the username of your account and the URL after this, a click on the button » Save Changes » located below.

Optionally and after these changes, you can deactivate your Twitter account for a few days or weeks, however, it is ready to be used…

In this way, with all these actions that have been done, they could have blocked someone without realizing it because as you will see no one will be able to find him by his email and mobile number, he has no mutual friends or contacts that highlight them, they changed their profile and header photos as well as their username, description in case are searched and also have their own private account… That is to say, that user no matter how hard they search, they will not find them and may actually think they have deleted your account… It is laborious and a bit “convoluted” to do, but this option on how to block someone on twitter without them knowing it is effective.

How To Block Someone On Twitter Without Their Knowledge | Solution no. 2

The second ninja solution up how to block someone on twitter without noticing and that is the scammers… Basically, it consists of changing the account by letting the user believe that they are still logged into Twitter or that they have deleted their account but the truth is that they have not.

Step #1 | First, they have to open a new Twitter account, making sure this account has an email that this user doesn't know, as well as a mobile number if they add it, and by the way, it is recommended that the username, profile picture and header have nothing that could be associated with your person. If you want to know all the steps to be able to create another account on Twitter, consult this guide … >>

Step #2 | The second step is to set up the account and leave it private so that no one from outside can gossip and see its contents.

Step #3 | Now, and with a good attitude, they will try to contact their Twitter friends that they had in their first account to inform them that they have changed their account and that they should now contact this new account that was created for it and of course not. They should contact that user or people connected to them who can disclose this change.

Step #4 | Now they have 2 options and that can be to leave the old Twitter account active or to delete that Twitter account permanently, leaving the idea that they are leaving Twitter but the truth is that they have created another Twitter account.

Finally, these are 2 options that can be perfectly applied when the concern arises how to block someone on twitter without realizing it or without knowing it and they are certainly not the ideal thing to do, but obviously it is the closest thing to a solution that Twitter does not offer and that with this, it can be implemented when living with a user is complicated or, it is someone you know and somehow, you don't want to bring your feelings with this kind of action.

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