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In general, Instagram users do not experience major problems in living with other users thanks to Instagram's policies and conditions of use which, fortunately, avoid or reduce the conflicts that may arise. However, some users suffer from the exception to the rule and are wondering to a good extent how to prevent someone on Instagram from seeing my photos and thus preserve my privacy? Well, in Practical Resources we want to help you with a graphical guide on how to block those annoying users on Instagram in order to avoid contact with them and prevent them from seeing your photos.

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How to block someone on instagram from seeing my photos

1.- First, they must run Instagram as they always do, and after that, log in or enter the profile of the user in question or they want, yes or yes, block on instagram.

* Note no. 1 | This procedure allows you to block someone on Instagram but also serves to block brands of companies and various organizations that have a profile on Instagram.

2.- Once they enter the profile they want to block on Instagram, they must click on the 3 horizontal dots icon are iPhone/iPad o on the 3 vertical points on Android and which in both cases are located at the top right of the screen.

3.- With the previous action performed, a central window will appear with these 3 options:

  • Block user
  • Report inappropriate content
  • Copy the profile URL

Then, they have to press the option that says «Block user» to proceed to block someone on Instagram and have nothing to do with that person or with that company and organization.

4.- Now, by clicking on Block user, a new window will appear which serves to confirm this action that is being undertaken and thus avoid errors or involuntary blocks. So to confirm and being able to block someone on Instagram, he must click on the option that says «Yes you are sure» or » Cancel » in case you regret it.

Pressing » Yes, I'm sure » at the bottom of the screen, a small gray window will appear indicating that this user is effectively been blocked on Instagram and thanks to that he will not be able to access your profile, see your photo, let alone write comments. or communicate with you and don't worry, these actions are not reported.

Finally, this is the above procedure how to block someone on instagram so they don't see my photos and thus lose sight of that annoying Instagram user and by the way, that action is reversible. Now, and if they see fit, they can privatize their Instagram account and thus prevent that person without an account from seeing their photos or anyone else.

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