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In the real world there are certainly people who are nice, interesting and, of course, worth knowing for a friendship or relationship, but there are also some people – fortunately few – who somehow radiate negative energy or their forms and methods generate, to say politely, some discomfort or annoyance and without a doubt, all this also exists in the virtual world.

Precisely, in the Badoo social network you can find charming and attractive people or users to chat with in a healthy way and therefore, meet them too, a class of harassing users with inappropriate, inconvenient or obscene comments that are worth it, report or block on Badoo as they don't know how to behave and it is precisely this topic of how can they block someone on badoo which is treated graphically below for all interested parties.

Block someone on Badoo | First clarifications

Before offering the form or method that must be carried out to block a user on Badoo, it is necessary to clarify that such resource or tool must be used with seriousness or judgment. That is, when there are strong arguments or justifications that justify the intervention of the Badoo team so that it can moderate a user based on the seriousness of the facts.

Badoo takes all messages sent by different users very seriously and tries to respond quickly and according to the inconvenience or problem. However, false or unjustified complaints damage or hinder this service, which is very valuable for this type of punctual cases and which fortunately are very few. That's why it shouldn't be used for revenge, game or to see what happens… It should be used responsibly and judiciously. With that said, let's get to work.

Block someone on Badoo | Step 1

The first thing they should logically do is enter Badoo and log into their account with their respective registration data.

After that, they have 2 valid options they can use to Submit a report or block to Badoo staff or Support which deals with this type of thing and are as follows:

  • Report without entering your profile (option #1): this possibility allows the user making the report to do so in some way, in a more discreet way and without having the "displeasure" of entering the profile of this user and can be used, either for the people you have spoken to or, with people who have at least visited your profile, even if you haven't seen his profile or dealt with him, but in this case you must have strong arguments to do so.
  • Report by inserting the profile (option n°2): this is another option that allows you to report a person on Badoo by entering their profile and whether or not you have previously interacted with them.

Note no. 1 | It should be noted that when a user is blocked, he will not find out by any criteria that the person who reported him may be speculating, but he will never know.

Block someone on Badoo | option 1

To low block without logging into that specific user's profile, you can do it as follows:

If you have chatted with him: you will need to open the chat or message window. Then, you will have to search in all the chat threads with the people you have talked to precisely, the conversation thread with that user and you will have to open it.

Now, open that conversation window with the user, you will have to click on the ellipsis located in the upper right (if you are on a desktop computer) and a tab will open and you will have to click on the option again » Block or Report «.

A window will pop up asking you what happened to that user and you must, from the options shown (I just don't like him, he's rude and disrespectful, he posted inappropriate content, he uses fake photos, he sent spam, he committed a scam , Other) choose the one most appropriate to the problem, crossing out or marking the circle that precedes it and, finally, click on » Block and report «.

With this, the complaint is sent to Badoo and it will be them who will have to evaluate it and issue a moderation and a block if it justifies it.

Or, you can choose to go to the people who have visited you section by right-clicking on » Visits » e cercare within the users who have visited you precisely, the user profile (logically this option will work in the case, who has visited you).

Well, once found you will be able to see a drop-down tab next to your photo and with a click on it different options will open and you will have to select » Block or report » and follow the same previous protocol so that your report is processed and so on., reach out to the Badoo team.

Block someone on Badoo | option 2

In this case, they will have to enter the profile of this user and then, they will have to click on the 3 dots that are located just above the photo bar on the right (if you are on a desktop computer) with this action, a tab will open and you will have to click here where it says » Block or report «.

A central window will open, where they ask you what happened to that user and further down, a series of options or reasons appear and they are the following: I just don't like it, He is rude and disrespectful, He has posted inappropriate content, Use photos false, He sent spam, He committed a scam, More and then, you will have to click on the circle that precedes it and finally, another click on the button that says » Block and report «.

With this, you will have been able to issue the respective complaint and it will be the Badoo team that will have to value this complaint and take the actions according to the problem.

Block a profile on Badoo | What do you get?

One of the most common concerns when this glitch occurs is surely, what happens with the lock or what is achieved with this?

In fact, as previously mentioned, the Badoo team receives these messages and evaluates them in a reasonable amount of time and in fact, if it finds a really serious or delicate situation, it can proceed to eliminate that person from the social network, blocking them forever and giving you the due reasons that justified this action and, in the other case, that it is simply a minor offence, it will be moderated (you will no longer be able to communicate with you) and you will be warned that if you continue, your account must be deleted and many of these users take note of it and change their behavior on this social network.

Now, in case they don't see or perceive real reasons that justify moderating a user, in this case they will do absolutely nothing.

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