How to avoid being tagged in Twitter photos – Step by step

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This is why users tend to tag their acquaintances in photos very regularly, but for some people this tends to be annoying, and so this article will show you how to get rid of this problem.

What is Twitter?

First of all, we should know what Twitter is in basic terms, and that is that Twitter is a social network characterized by its logo which is a blue bird, in which users can carry out any type of publication but with a short duration. As the system only allows a maximum of 240 characters.

Also, if a user's content is amazing, they have a great chance of having a large number of follower (subscription of another user to the Tweets) in such a way as to be known on the network, creating a ripple effect in which to increase the number of users who see said Tweet.

What is Twitter for?

Twitter uses a microblogging system (communication through short and immediate texts) which allows the dissemination of information among a large number of users, useful for journalists. Businesses also use it to get a large number of customers and thus offer their products.

Now, from the point of view of the famous, it's also a great tool, as it's the easiest way with which they know the impressions and opinions of their followers. With which they can guide certain factors in their careers so that in this way they avoid discontent on the part of their followers. It allows you to add photos, insert pdfs, upload videos from your PC or mobile and other files.

Differences from Twitter and other social networks?

This social network has a large number of differences from other social networks, and it is that among its main functions, Facebook is responsible for communicating users through any medium, Instagram has focused more on photo and selfie users and Twitter to share information.

Beyond that there is a very important factor, and that is that Twitter is was the main creator of the hashtag, that is one or more words in which the numeric symbol is preceded and with which you can, in some way, connect several Tweets with the same topic, being very useful for internal searches. It is a fairly secure app, however if you are concerned about the security of your account you can turn on XNUMX-Step Verification on Twitter.

How to avoid being tagged in Twitter photos?

To prevent other users from tagging us in an image we must first start a section on Twitter, after entering the main page we must click icon showing a dice (that is configuration), and after opening that new menu we need to select the option Configuration.

Next, we need to search and select the option Privacy and security, where we will later find the privacy options that show us three options in the photo encoding (allow anyone to tag us, only allow people I follow, and finally don't allow anyone).

Now it will be just a matter of criteria to know which of the three options to choose. In general terms, if you are someone who likes to be regularly active but does not want strangers, you can choose the second option; and if you really don't want to be in a relationship with anyone, you can choose three.

Knowing the process that the system has, we could say that Twitter is an excellent social network; which devotes much of its time to solving the different types of problems that users present, such as developing this configuration.

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