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WhatsApp has been with us for a long time, the proof of this is that almost everyone uses it as their default messaging application, but sometimes you may want to talk to someone who is not from your country or does not speak the same language and we need of translating messages, today we will show you how to automatically translate whatsapp messages.

It would be amazing if the automatic message translation feature was available in WhatsApp just like in Zoom or other apps, but it's not there for now and it won't be coming in the near future. We have the solution, and it's as simple as using Google's keyboard, Gboard.

The Google keyboard it is one of the best keyboard apps that we can have on our Android mobile and it also has its own version for iPhone and I'm sure many users use it, even if the built-in iOS keyboard is really good.

Automatically translate your messages with Gboard

Subsequently, we will explain a trick with which you can translate all WhatsApp messages you want so that you can communicate with people who have other languages ​​as their native language, you just have to follow these simple steps:

  1. The first step will be to download and install the app "Gboard" from the Play Store or the App Store.
  2. Once installed, we will have to configure it and set the Google keyboard as default.
  3. Now we will have to go to WhatsApp and open the conversation we want to talk to and translate messages.
  4. Then a we will click on the text bar and the keyboard will appear.
  5. Now search i three points located at the top of the keyboard.

  1. Select "Translate", a small Google Translate window will open on the keyboard itself.

  1. Now we'll just have to choose your language of source and the language of translation.

  1. Our translated message will appear automatically ready to be sent by WhatsApp.

The Google translator has many advantages and one of them is that sometimes it is not necessary to choose the source language, since there is an option that we can activate with which it can automatically detect the language in which we write.

  1. Scarica Gboard per Android
  1. Download Gboard for iOS

Now with this simple trick you can have any conversation with whoever you want and translate WhatsApp messages which you send and receive from any contact, as google translate supports a huge number of languages.

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