How to automatically shut down and restart Huawei mobile phone without the power button

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Both are extremely important and necessary, so we need to make sure that our mobile does not fall or hit, so that they remain in good condition. But have you ever wondered how you can turn your mobile on or off if the power button breaks?

Major brands, such as Huawei, they anticipated the inconvenience that the power button may not work and they implemented functions, inside the device, to be able to turn our smartphones on and off automatically without having to press the button. We also have the solution for iPhone.

Turn a Huawei phone on and off without the power button

All Huawei devices that have the EMUI operating system will be able to perform this function. The great advantage of these devices is that they do not need the help of third parties, as is the case with applications that do the same job, saving more memory on our device.

To schedule the automatic startup of our Huawei device, the first thing to do is go to Settings and select the option ' Smart assistance '.

Once there we will see a series of settings that we can change to our liking, but we will have to press the one that says Programmed On / Off. Once on this screen, we can activate, depending on what you want, the automatic switching on or off.

When we enable any of the options, we will have to configure the time we want it to turn on and the time we want it to go out. This setting can be scheduled once, on a specific day or every day.

Once this step is complete, the setup is complete and the phone will turn on and off without the need for the power button.

How to replace the power button on an Android mobile

This feature is very useful when the power button starts to wear out. The idea is that of replace the power button with another physical button, thus preventing it from being damaged.

The idea is to change the power button for the volume button and for that, you will need to use an application called Button Remap. With this application you will only have to configure the button you want to choose to restart your device, select the Long press in option so that it only activates when the button is held down And that's it.

This way you can turn on and restart your mobile without having to press the power button. And, while you still have to press a physical button to restart your phone, it's very useful in case the button on your device doesn't work.

Other ways to turn on the mobile without the power button

Combination of commands

Some phones have a series of commands that, after executing them, can turn the phone on and off. The most common combinations are usually:

  • A volume key + the home key
  • Both volume keys + home key

Try both combinations and find out which of them your phone can do turn on without having to press the power button.

Plug in your charger

Likewise, there are some phones that when they are turned off and on the power cord is connected, turn on automatically. All Apple devices behave this way and other Android phones also turn on when plugged into the power cord.

This method can be a bit more complicated because you will depend on the charger, but it's still a useful alternative if the power button has been damaged.

Applications that turn on the mobile

There is a known app called button-fix which is able to turn on the device. This application works in a similar way to the one mentioned above, with the particularity that it not only turns off the mobile, but can also turn it on when it is off. You just have to configure the power button and that's it.

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