How to apply for paid collaboration for Instagram advertising

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But the whole YouTube's ADS, but click on them, that we see is really bad? What if we showed you how to ask a collaboration a payment to advertise the material you upload on Instagram for free? Well, read on and we'll tell you how.

Is a paid collaboration the same as a sponsorship?

No, it's not quite the same, although many people confuse the term; and we explain why a paid collaboration it is not the same a uno sponsor; the difference is that the sponsor will take care of providing you with everything necessary for your advertising to be effective, it is also for commercial purposes only, it serves to promote a brand in the market, or make it more present in the daily life of buyers, and it is generally a legal person.

What is a paid advertising partnership?

We need to be clear about the terms, because the paid collaboration yes she might say more altruistic, she doesn't expect you to advertise; even if you have to keep a record of the contributions he makes to you, because this will help him when he declares his taxes, so that they are lower. This can be done by both a natural person and a legal person; You can also indicate their help in your publications, if you want.

How to get paid advertising collaboration?

The first thing you should do is be clear about what goal you want to achieve; and for this it might be a good idea to put everything in writing. Search for information on the studies carried out on the type of customers you want to reach, on how the sector you are undertaking is positioned on the market, how many types of collaborations exist, etc.

So, search companies or people who are in trend and that can help you promote your brand; And speaking of this, you need to be clear about the values ​​your brand wants to promote, so that you only accept those similar to you; This is very important because your followers will see that you are a consistent and trustworthy person.

Once you have identified them, the next thing is to look for specific emails dealing with these collaborations; The ideal would be if you wrote a single creative proposal for all companies, tell us what you want to achieve, for how long and what contributions you can give them, this is reciprocity.

Types of paid advertising partnerships

There are many types of paid collaboration. You can take a written test or a video interview with a character who is a trend, and leave the space open for the audience to participate; It is recommended to create video tutorials lasting up to 30 seconds, explaining how something in particular works, although sometimes you'll have to upload longer videos to Instagram Stories.

Use announcement summaries of every article of the things you have published, or maybe of services that concern you and maybe even get new followers; organizes competitions, we love them all and they are fun, this also creates a kind of surprise and your audience will follow you step by step.

Obviously, try to get into the habit of previewing your profile or Instagram stories before posting them, so as not to have grammatical errors; And of course, be careful to see your pending requests to be accepted on Instagram and, if possible, easily verify your Instagram account, even if you have few followers.

Now you have to do your homework; Yes, these require your commitment, but every effort has its own fruits and we assure you that if you do not give up, you will have the best results and the satisfaction of achieving your every goal; little by little, with practice and perseverance every day you will have better ones collaborators ; and who knows if maybe you can become one of them.

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