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In a corporate account Instagram, you can enter a button with the phone number to be able to chat on WhatsApp and thus contact that profile in an easier and faster way than having to do it via private message from the social network.

It is a novelty that may not be available to everyone, so it is a question of checking if this is the case. The essential requirements for having this possibility are that you must have a business or corporate account as we have already mentioned and have Instagram updated.

If so, you should find this option within the Instagram settings, you should just enter your contact phone number so users can see it on your profile and contact you when needed. For this you should follow these steps:

  1. Enter your company's Instagram account, this is important because with a personal account you can not, even if convert your Instagram account into a professional profile, you can do it anyway.
  2. Now click on your profile icon and then on box «edit profile».
  3. Insert where it says » contact options «.

  1. Tap the casella «WhatsApp».

  1. Now write the WhatsApp number, click on "send code" and you will receive a code that you will have to enter. Then, save the changes you made and you're done.

In case you don't have that box, it could mean two things, either that your account is simply personal, or that since your profile is a business account, you don't yet have this feature, for which you will have to wait an unknown amount of time until until you are activated.

From now on, anyone who visits your profile will see your WhatsApp phone number and will be able to contact you through it. This parameter makes sense, above all, in food delivery companies, hairdressers and, moreover, even if any professional profile can have it.

It's that simple to add this button with your own WhatsApp number to your Instagram account, remember that you can remove it whenever you want or change it if you change the number at any time, so customers can contact you more conveniently through this channel.

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